Effective teaching involves more than delivering information. It requires that teachers not only know the children’s needs, but also know how to effectively teach them. A teacher can’t be effective if he or she doesn’t know how to interpret research and present information to meet the needs of the students. Effective teaching requires creative and innovative thinking and methods, and creative and innovative teaching requires effective teaching methods.

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The teaching profession is widely recognized as one of the most rewarding, yet stressful occupations. Teachers leave their homes and families to help students further their education and strive for academic excellence. However, teachers can find themselves struggling with their writing and find it difficult to create effective essays and dissertations for their students.

Theories of motivation

Motivation has been shown to influence a class’s reactions to whatever is being discussed. A motivated student is eager to learn, making it easier for the instructor to accomplish the educational goals. The incentive theories are one of the motivation theories recognized by Eggen and Kauchak (2010, 348) as key instruments for learning. Incentive theories argue that conduct should be rewarded. Positive conduct should be rewarded with an incentive to enhance the likelihood of repetition, while bad behavior should be punished to prevent recurrence. Incentive theories may lead to pupils being conditioned to do a particular desired action. 

The rewards theories are strongly influenced by Pavlovian conditioning, which allows instructors to be more creative in motivating their students. Teachers should make certain that whichever motivators are used, they instill a desire to learn, since this is the ultimate goal of education. Professional Editing Services are often used in lieu of instructors’ assistance.

Need theories, such as the notion that it is human nature to want to learn new things, are also critical in the classroom. It is the contemporary teacher’s duty to guarantee that the desire to learn is instilled in young students so that they are always motivated to study. Children should not be exposed to the phenomenon of something’s attractiveness diminishing after a need is fulfilled. 


As a result, youngsters should be encouraged to continue to develop their desire for knowledge. Behavioral learning theories such as Pavlov and classical conditioning indicate that a teacher may successfully influence his or her class’s behavior in the manner that he or she desires. These behavioral theories should be utilized by contemporary teachers to inspire students and instill a desire for hard work while keeping them connected to their virtual world.  

Humanistic ideas promote empowered learners and suggest that they are constantly willing to learn. As a result, it is the teacher’s duty to guarantee that the students are provided the most up-to-date information that is relevant to their surroundings. Cognitive learning theories, on the other hand, advocate for students who are eager to create their own interpretations of events.

Management of the classroom

A good teacher should be able to manage a classroom. Classroom management methods for successful instructors in the second decade of the twenty-first century must adapt to the changing character of the students. Teachers must devote their efforts to perfecting the management of different methods in order to guarantee that their courses fulfill the expectations of their students. 

Teachers must make the learning experience appealing to students in order for them to like studying and look forward to gaining new information. As a result, it is critical that instructors use motivation theories to encourage pupils to stay focused on the learning process. Commanding respect from students is critical, and teachers in 2010 and beyond must find a better method to guarantee that they do. Managing to connect with the emotions of the students is an essential method for a teacher to gain their respect. Kauchak and Eggen (2010, 427).

Teaching and Learning Pedagogies

The education industry has seen a significant transformation, owing to the changing character of students. In contrast to learners in the past who interacted with the actual world, today’s learners engage with a virtual environment. The teaching approaches of the past cannot be said to be representative of today’s world because pedagogies were entrenched in policies that were based on learners who interacted with the real world, and thus there is a need for a shift in policy and approaches to ensure that the learner is well catered for. The only way for students to gain from their instructors is in this manner.


Technology is used by today’s students to communicate, shop, and form relationships. In 2010 and beyond, a successful teacher must be able to connect to this virtual world and guarantee that these principles are implemented in the classroom. For the learners to comprehend the ideas being taught, the instructor must be able to bring pedagogies into this virtual environment. Bell (2009) cites play as one of the areas where there has been a significant transition from real-world to virtual games. In order to be successful in 2010, and beyond, a teacher must be able to utilize what the pupils understand.

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