The map of the city in Escape from Tarkov is an important part of the game. It’s a crucial way to help players navigate and find their way around, but it also helps them plan strategy and decide where they want to go next.

The escape from tarkov interchange map 2021 is a guide for the Interchange map in Escape From Tarkov.

The Interchange Map Tarkov tutorial will help you get acquainted with the whole map. Another map for the Escape From Tarkov has been revealed. This map depicts the four major regions. IDEA, OLI, Goshan, and the last region, which we’ll name “Common Area,” and here we go.

The four primary sections located in the large retail mall with the three main shops (IDEA, OLI, and Goshan) are highlighted in this guide, while the remainder of the area is labeled “Common Area” on the Interchange map. The Takrov Interchange map depicts a major transportation hub in the city, as well as the map’s industrial fringes.

This map is a lot simpler than the previous one in Escape from Tarkov. The Interchange map is larger than the Woods map, which is a compact region with few exit and spawning points.

Map of EFT Interchange

The map above depicts all sections of Interchange, which correspond to each level of the retail mall. The top view or satellite view of the Interchange map is shown in the first one. The basement, often known as the Mall Parking Lot, is the second option. The first level of the mall is the third, and the second floor is where three important shops are located. As a result, this guide focuses mostly on treasure placements, extraction sites, spawn & exit places, and weapon locations.

Let’s come to a close on the map’s major region. First, look at the tarkov interchange map for various departure locations.

On this map, there are a total of three exit locations. When it comes to leaving the map, your spawn location is crucial. If you spawn near an exit, you’ll have little trouble escaping the map. As a result, the first exit is located on the map’s southeast side. In addition, there is an Emercom Checkpoint.

The second exit is located on the Railway side of the building. The train yard is located in the northwest corner of the map, and inside this area is another PMC exit point. Don’t worry if you get lost in the map; just stroll around the edges. Finally, the Car Departure location, which is likewise inside the map’s borders, is the third exit.

The Shopping Center:

This retail mall is very large, with four sections: the mall’s center common space, IDEA, OLI, and Goshan on the first level.

The common space is located in the mall’s central area; nevertheless, we must access the mall’s core area via different entrances.

IDEA – Furnishings Shop


IDEA is a furniture business on the first level of the north side retail center. The shop is accessible from all directions. The BLUE Coloring walls on the interiors of the IDEA furniture shop can help you identify whether you’re in the IDEA. IDEA contains a variety of treasure, including a $20 cash register and other gear.

Goshan is a supermarket.

Another significant retailer in the massive shopping center is Goshan. This is a grocery shop with red-colored walls, as well as shelves and docks. The dimly lit area where the garbage fire is raging. Goshan contains 27 lootable cash registers as well as a large number of food products such as tushonkas. Inside the food shop and its warehouse, you’ll also discover a slew of weapon cases. As a result, the Goshen is most known for its treasure and weaponry.



Green walls with the same color scheme on the shelves and displays, with the word “OLI” written all over the boards. With the 18 cash registers, the amazing location for the hardware sprouts. Fuel tanks, batteries, and gas analyzers are among the various products available from OLI. The store’s north door is where you’ll find OLI.

The Mall’s Common Area is located in the heart of the shopping center.

The shared space in the midst of the three above-mentioned west-side shops. The brands and sellers for Bots, Dino Clothes, Cafe, and other shops may be found in the common area. You’ll also notice that you’re in a common area since there are enough light spots and shops. The open wide floor and escalator on the second level of this area also help to identify it.

In the middle of the common area, you’ll also find the boss Killa of the Intechacge map. Keep an eye out for the sky blue lightning that seems to be coming from the open roof openings.

In only 5 minutes, watch this video to get a better understanding of the whole map!



Kill the Tarkov Interchange map’s boss. Killa may be found mostly in the middle of the mall’s common area on the first level, near the Kiba shops and escalators, on the Interchange map. He employs a light machine gun as well as other powerful main weapons. He’s anxiously anticipating your appearance and never misses an opportunity to pursue you.


Killa employs smoke and frag grenades, as well as automatic fire, to mercilessly destroy opponents. To dodge your fire, Kill moved in a zig-zag pattern.


Killa is highly equipped, wearing Level 5 Vest’s 6B13 M assault armor (tan). Whether you’re not sure if you’re prepared to battle him, simply ignore him or don’t be caught.

The interchange map tarkov reddit is a guide to the Escape from Tarkov interchange map. It includes all the locations of the different paths, as well as their descriptions.

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There are many ways to navigate the interchange in Tarkov. The most common way is by using the map on your left hand side of your screen.

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