The cache is a small amount of data that the computer stores temporarily to speed up the performance. They are stored in different locations, which you can easily access on your PC by using some methods. You can clear cache on Windows 11 with four easy ways.

The how to clear cache on microsoft edge is a tutorial that will teach you how to clear the cache on Microsoft Edge.

Everyone want a computer that is quick. PC users dislike having to deal with slowdowns and other problems. You can always clean up the storage by deleting unneeded applications and files, but you may also delete the cache files. Cache files are just data that is saved on your computer and utilized by apps to pull subsequent requests. It’s simple to clear cache files on your Windows 11 PC, and it doesn’t destroy any essential data. This article will show you how to clean cache on a Windows 11 computer.

What happens if you delete Windows 11’s cache files? It allows your system to operate quicker and avoid being slowed down by a cache file that grows over time. You will discover that the cache may sometimes cause a few issues and errors in Windows as well as a few applications, resulting in poor overall performance. Yes, clearing the cache in Windows is an excellent idea since it’s a quick and straightforward procedure that has to be done on a regular basis. Continue reading to learn how to delete the cache on your Windows 11 computer.

On Windows 11, how do I delete the cache?

Cleaning the cache on your Windows 11 computer may be done in a variety of ways. All of these techniques are simple and won’t take you more than 2 minutes. So go ahead and figure out how to quickly delete the cache files.

Windows Temporary Files should be deleted.

  1. By hitting the Windows + R keys at the same time, the Run Dialog box will appear.
  2. Enter percent temp percent in the text box and press enter. how to clear cache on windows 11
  3. You will now be directed to a folder that has a list of files and folders generated by various programs on your computer.
  4. Simply press the Control and letter A keys to select all of the files in the folder and remove them.
  5. Now, on your keyboard, hit the Delete key. When the system asks whether you want to remove the contents, choose yes.
  6. It may even request administrator privileges, which you may provide. how to clear cache on windows 11
  7. You may delete the cache from the percent Temp% folder in this manner.
  8. You may also repeat this procedure by typing Temp or Prefetch in the Run box instead of percent Temp percent.
  9. There will be three directories where you may clear the cache files in total.

Disk Cleanup may be used to clear the cache.

The Disk Cleanup software is an excellent tool for removing temporary and cache data from your hard disks. The fact that it is a Windows cleaning tool that is integrated directly into the Operating System is the greatest thing about it. This means you won’t have to install any shady third-party cache cleaning software on your computer.

  1. Disk Cleanup may be found by going to the Start Menu and typing it in. When you find the app in the search results, either click it or hit the enter key. how to clear cache on windows 11
  2. Click the Cleanup System Files button when the Disk Cleanup windows appear.
  3. The tool will now look for files and folders and show a list of them along with the amount of space they take up.
  4. You have the option of selecting everything or deleting what you wish. how to clear cache on windows 11
  5. You have the option of selecting Delivery Optimization Files. DirectX Shader Cache, Driver Package Details, Temporary Files, and Thumbnails are all items that may be found in the DirectX Shader Cache folder.
  6. Simply click the OK button after you’ve decided what to remove. how to clear cache on windows 11
  7. The cleaning procedure should now begin, and your Windows 11 PC’s cache files should be deleted.

Windows Store Cache Should Be Cleared

The Windows Store is a fantastic resource for finding applications, games, wallpapers, and fonts. It’s possible that your Windows 11 Store won’t work correctly at times. This is when deleting its cache should solve the problem completely. To do so, use the Windows + R keys to bring up the Run as dialog. Now put WSReset.exe into the search box and press Enter.

how to clear cache on windows 11

A dark window should appear and disappear. The cache in your Windows Store has been cleaned, and the Store should now function normally.

how to clear cache on windows 11

Clear Location Information

When you provide permission to a few applications that need location access, they save a little amount of your location data on your system for a variety of reasons. You may have a few location-related problems or errors from time to time, and this is when you should delete the cache. This is how you can accomplish it.

  1. Select the Settings app from the Start Menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy and Security option on the left side. how to clear cache on windows 11
  3. Scroll down to the Location option in the right pane and choose it. how to clear cache on windows 11
  4. You may want to scroll down a little farther till you come to Location History.
  5. Clear the screen by clicking the Clear button. By clicking it, you’ll be able to delete all of your system’s location data. how to clear cache on windows 11
  6. You should no longer have any issues with your location access now that the location data has been deleted.


These are a few free methods for clearing the cache files on your Windows 11 computer. Without the need to install third-party applications or software to do the same task, Windows 11 makes it easier and quicker. Now, if you want to delete the cache of a specific program, you must first go to that application’s settings and clear the cache from there. This will differ depending on the application. We hope that these techniques assist you in cleaning your Windows 11 PC’s cache files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear the cache on Windows 11?

The cache is a folder that stores temporary files and other data. By deleting the cache, you can free up space on your computer.

How do I clear my computer cache faster?

You can clear your computer cache by going to the start menu and clicking on Run then typing in cmd.

What is the command to clear cache in Windows 10?

To clear the cache in Windows 10, you would need to type in cmd into the search bar on your computer and then right click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator.

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