As the internet continues to grow, more and more people are starting online businesses and membership sites. If you’re looking for a way to easily manage your membership site, then this article is for you!

The creating a website with membership and user login is an article that provides some helpful information on how to create websites with membership and user logins.

Are you searching for a premium WordPress plugin to help you manage your WordPress site’s members or build a fantastic membership site? We’ll look at a paid plugin called Ultimate Membership Pro (Ultimate Membership) in our Ultimate Membership Pro review.

While there are many membership plugins available, choosing the right one for your membership site may be difficult. The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin, on the other hand, comes with a number of features that make managing your WordPress site much simpler.

Apart from that, it offers a variety of functions tailored to various site members, allowing them to take use of all your site has to offer. Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Ultimate Membership Pro

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin, which has over 30,000 sales on CodeCanyon, has a number of features that may assist in the creation of different kinds of membership websites with numerous membership levels.


This plugin includes over 40 extensions that make working on various aspects of your membership site much simpler. Aside from that, it comes with 35 paid add-ons that may be used to expand the plugin’s capabilities.

So, whether you want to establish a premium membership plan or a free membership plan for your site users, this plugin has everything you need.

Ultimate Membership Pro’s Highlights  

Personalization (Forms, Shortcodes, And Templates)

When it comes to customization, this plugin offers a number of options that make it simple to make changes to your membership site. For starters, it provides several templates that may be used as registration forms, saving you the time and effort of generating one from scratch.

It doesn’t end there, however.

Other templates included in the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin may be used to build account pages and subscription plans.


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This plugin may be useful if you want to add additional fields to forms to collect more data or show more information. It has a check-box field, a profile image field, a multi-select field, and a data picker field, among other custom fields.

There are also a number of settings that allow you to choose which users will have access to such fields. For example, if you intend to provide both a basic and advanced membership plan on your website, you may grant advanced membership plan customers access to certain premium fields.

This also makes determining the various features you’ll be providing on different membership levels a lot simpler.      

It will get better.

Conditional logic options are available for these fields, making customization simpler. Conditional logic options may help you build a collection of conditions that, based on the input entered in or chosen by the user, activate different actions. 

Additionally, shortcodes may be used to expand the functionality of different features.

Several Payment Options

Because different members utilize different payment systems, the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin seamlessly connects with numerous payment gateways to provide your members with a variety of payment choices. Stripe,, 2CheckOut, and PayPal are among the payment gateways supported by this premium membership plugin.  

Furthermore, it provides a variety of payment methods that may be incorporated in various subscription plans. The free trial option, restricted, one-time, and continuous are examples of such choices. Users may also choose from a variety of payment methods based on their interests.

Additionally, this makes it simpler for you to provide a variety of choices on different plans. For example, you might offer a free trial option on all membership levels to give non-members a taste of what they’ll get if they upgrade to a premium plan.

If you don’t want to utilize free trials, this plugin has a paid trial option that you may use on various subscription levels.


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There are also time-based pricing options, which allow customers to choose how long they want to subscribe to various membership plans. The yearly payment option, monthly payment option, daily payment option, and weekly payment option are just a few of the time-based membership choices available with this plugin. Payments may also be paid once or on a regular basis.

While making payments, members may also connect their credit cards to their online membership accounts.

And there’s more.

The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin includes a coupon generator that makes creating coupons a breeze. Depending on your preferences, the coupons may be changed. You can, for example, figure out when the discount will expire.

You may also apply discounts to various membership options. Discounts may be given as a percentage of the total price or as a set amount. 

While this plugin has a variety of payment choices and functions, changing the credit card details in a monthly membership payment plan may be difficult.

Membership is unlimited.

Ultimate Membership Pro

Unlike other membership plugins, the Ultimate Membership Pro makes it simple to have an infinite number of membership levels on your WordPress site. Each membership plan may be modified to include features not available in other membership levels. The date range functionality and the payment choices are two of the most popular options for customizing membership plans.


Ultimate Membership Pro Restriction

This membership plugin includes a tool (Insider Locker) that has numerous restriction settings, making it simpler to limit or grant access to different posts based on membership levels. These choices may let you restrict material access in a variety of ways; you can limit access partly or completely to accomplish various goals.

For example, if certain pages or postings are only accessible to premium or paying users, you may limit access to such pages in specific cases.

You may also partly limit access, allowing other users to get a preview of the material included in such posts or pages.


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Non-members may receive a peek of premium features via a picture or a video, making them more interested in learning how to gain access to them.

Apart from that, access to various URLs, taxonomies, and navigation choices may be restricted using restriction options and capabilities.


You may simply create or modify different pages and sections on your WordPress site to fit your taste since the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin interacts with a variety of page builders. Gutenberg, Visual Composer, Divi, and Elementor are some of the page builders that the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin interacts with.

Furthermore, such connections provide a variety of user-friendly customization choices and capabilities.

While the user registration procedure is automated, this plugin also offers a unique feature that allows you to manually add members. Manually verifying and adding users may aid in the security of your site. However, manually validating and adding individuals may be time consuming, particularly if your site receives a lot of traffic.   


Ultimate Membership Pro Emails

The Ultimate Membership Pro includes 45 distinct email alerts that alert administrators and users to various changes. For example, if a new member creates an account on your membership site, you will be immediately informed.

The user, on the other hand, will be informed whether the new account is authorized after a specific amount of time. Additionally, customers will be informed when their subscription plans are about to expire. The 45 email alerts, on the other hand, may take your membership site to the next level. Furthermore, competing membership plugins do not provide a large number of email alerts.   

This membership plugin also works with a variety of email marketing tools, making it simpler to communicate with your site’s members. Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, iContact, and Campaign Monitor are some of the email marketing platforms that the Ultimate Membership Pro connects with.

You can simply handle all of the emails connected to your membership site with such connections. With this membership plugin, you can simply welcome visitors to your WordPress site or send weekly reminders. 

What’s more, you may wonder.

Because the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin interacts with a variety of email marketing platforms, you’ll have access to a variety of email templates. These templates may be customized and altered to match your own style or to incorporate your website’s branding.

Linking on Social Media

Unlike other plugins, this one has a social login feature that allows people to connect onto your website using Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

This saves customers the bother of having to type in several credentials each time they visit your website. A user may log into your website with a single click if they have previously signed into Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook.

Aside from that, the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin comes with a variety of effects and layouts, making it simple to modify the login social network buttons to your liking.


The Ultimate Membership Pro plugin costs $49. It is a one-time purchase. Furthermore, other discounts may be given from time to time. A license for the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin may be bought for a reasonable fee. Aside from that, it’s available on Codecanyon.

Now it’s your turn.

And there you have it: all the information you need regarding the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin. It includes a variety of forms that may be readily modified to meet a variety of goals. It also comes with a number of templates for generating attractive membership plans, signup forms, and emails.

Aside from that, this plugin works with a variety of payment gateways, giving your site’s users a variety of payment choices. You may also accept money in various payment methods from different members. In a word, this is a strong premium membership plugin with a variety of features and functions that may help you grow your membership site.  

Test out Ultimate Membership Pro right now.


The best membership site platforms are websites that allow users to create a website and manage their memberships. These sites help the user to easily keep track of what they have sold, how much money they have made, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I host my membership site?

You can host your membership site on my website.

How do I create a subscription based membership site?

You can create a subscription based membership site by using the WordPress platform. This is because it has a built-in plugin that allows you to do this.

How do you organize your membership?

Our members organize themselves into groups.

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