YouTube TV has been experiencing a problem with licensing videos, which is causing the video player to show an error message. If you are having this issue, you may be able to fix it by going into your settings and changing your region.

The How to fix “error licensing this video” on YouTube TV is a problem that many users have been experiencing. This article will provide you with the steps to fixing the issue.

YouTube is an excellent source of entertainment, with hundreds of videos to pick from. However, you may sometimes have your experience hampered by obnoxious error messages.

The YouTube TV license issue, which renders certain videos unusable, is a frequent occurrence.

Users using Google Chrome, Chromebook, or Chromecast media players are usually affected by the YouTube video license issue. It may, however, be found via the YouTube TV app for Roku, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and even mobile devices.

Fortunately, the problem may be easily resolved by upgrading your browser (Google Chrome and Chromebook users) or the YouTube TV app.

Below, we look at what causes the issue and provide a step-by-step instruction on how to fix it. We’ll also look at some additional options for you to consider.

What is the source of the YouTube TV license issue?

Several problems may produce the YouTube video licensing error, including:

  • Browser that is no longer supported
  • YouTube app is out of date.
  • Operating system that is no longer supported (for computer and Chromebook users)
  • Information from your Google Account has been tampered with.
  • Data from the YouTube app has been tampered with.
  • A flaw or fault in your router, or problems with your internet connection

How can I solve the YouTube TV license issue?

Here’s how you can fix the problem:

1. Make sure your Google Chrome browser is up to date.

One of the most common reasons of YouTube playing problems is an outdated browser (particularly Google Chrome). As a result, before you do anything further, check to see whether your browser is up to date.

To upgrade Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Start your computer’s browser and go to the three-dots menu.
  • Go to Help > About Google Chrome from the drop-down menu list.
  • Your browser’s current version will be shown in a pop-up tab. There will be a “Update” button if it is not up to date. To update, just click on it.

Restart your browser after upgrading it, and then attempt to play your YouTube videos again.

2. Download and install the YouTube app.

YouTube playback problems may also be caused by an out-of-date app. As a result, if you get an error notice while trying to play videos, make sure your app is up to date.

Your streaming device will have a big impact on how you update your app. If you’re using a smartphone, go to the app store (Google Play Store or Apple App Store), search for your YouTube app, and choose update.

If you’re using a different device, such as a Roku, you’ll need to go to the system settings. Select System option > System update from this menu. Any outstanding updates will be deployed, including those for the YouTube TV app.

3. Sign out of your YouTube account and then sign back in.

YouTube license errorPinterest contributed this image.

Another cause of the YouTube TV license issue may be corrupted account data. The damaged data is often found in cached cookies or account information.

Alternatively, there may be a bug that’s creating issues with your account. Logging out and back in is one of the most effective methods to do this.

You may refresh your session and delete temporary files by signing out and back in again, which may help you with a variety of problems.

You may also try clearing the cache and account data on your app/browser to remove any remaining damaged files.

4. Download and install the most recent version of the YouTube app.

Do you still have trouble viewing videos on YouTube with your app? It’s possible that it’s too corrupted to be repaired. In this situation, the best option is to uninstall the program and install a new one.

Simply go to the app menu on your smartphone and long-tap on the YouTube app.

You may uninstall or remove it from here. Then, head to Google Play/Apple App Store and look for the app, which you can then download and install.

If you’re using another device, such as a Roku or smart TV, head to the channels or applications area to remove the app.

Select YouTube from the menu choices and select Remove or Uninstall from the drop-down menu. After removing the app, go to the channel store and look for a new version.

5. Turn on your router.

While this isn’t always the case, a problem with your internet router may be the source of YouTube video playing problems.

It’s possible that the router has problems, damaged data, or that the speed is slow. Restarting it may therefore resolve these problems, thus resolving any playback troubles you’re having.

Simply remove your router’s power cable from the outlet and let it sit for a minute or two to restart it. After that, reconnect the router and turn it on.

You may also utilize the hard reset button on the back panel of most routers.

Bringing everything to a close

The YouTube TV video license mistake is a frequent occurrence, but it may be extremely irritating. However, using the methods listed above, it may be readily remedied.

You will no longer have to go without your favorite pleasure for hours after reading this post. Simply try them out to get your YouTube app or account back up and running.

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