Latin American firm Addi, a global distributor of smart home, lifestyle, and entertainment products, recently announced that it has closed an impressive US$ 75 million in Series B funding.

The funding, which Tiger Global Management led, will help Addi significantly accelerate its growth and expand its presence in Latin America and globally.

Let’s dive in to see what this funding means for the company.

Latin American firm Addi raises US$ 75M in Series B funding

Addi is a Latin American technology firm bringing upon use cases of full stack Deep Learning tailored for enterprise-level needs. Founded in 2018 by CEO and founder, Juan David Gutierrez, Addi provides an end-to-end deep learning platform for organisations to create custom AI models and gain greater insight into their data. In addition, businesses can use this software to deploy and manage artificial intelligence models at scale.

This Series B fundraise marks a major milestone in Addi’s growth story as it more than doubles the prior round Series A and increases the firm’s total external capital raised to US$115M (€95M). With this latest round of funding, which was led by Tiger Global Management and included participation from new investors 468 Capital, Canvas Ventures and Agronomica Investments alongside existing shareholders. The company looks forward to accelerating investments across key markets such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil as it continues to flex its muscle on the Latin American market for deep learning solutions.

Addi also plans to expand its product portfolio with new techniques like Bayesian Deep Learning and generative modelling; AI-driven processes with model error analysis; tools powered by model discovery engine a8ai; advanced live video analytics with smart video analytics solution DreamCatcher; emotion detection simulation EasyTrain (an AI app development service); plus application governance capabilities based on open source ML.

Overview of Tiger Global Management

Tiger Global Management is a leading investment fund with offices in New York, Singapore, and Delhi. The firm was founded in 2001 by Chase Coleman III and is managed by Feroz Dewan. The firm focuses on global internet, technology, media and consumer investments. In the past 18 years Tiger Global has invested over $25 billion in more than 400 companies across 44 countries including 21 unicorns (multi-billion dollar tech companies).

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Recently the firm has focused on emerging markets such as Latin America. This focus could be seen in their investment into leading Latin American fintech unicorn Nubank and Addi’s funding round led by Tiger Global Management and raised US$ 75M in their Series B funding round. With this new injection of funds Addi positions itself as one of the key players within Latin America’s growing fintech space.

Series B Funding Round

Latin American firm Addi recently announced the closing of its Series B funding round, raising US$ 75M. This funding round was led by the VC arm of US-based Tiger Global Management, and brings the company’s total funding to more than US$ 100M.

In addition to Tiger Global Management, this round included participation from existing investors, including Y Combinator and Valve Capital.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of the round.

Amount Raised

Led by Tiger Global Management, Latin American fintech firm Addi closed its Series B funding round at US$75 million. Addi is a digital financing platform based in Mexico City which offers fast, on-demand digital loans to financial institutions and companies.

This investment comes nearly four months after the company landed US $40 million in a Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund, with participation from Quona Capital, Allianz X and others.

The capital injection marks one of the largest equity investments for any Latin American fintech company to date, according to the company. It will be used to enhance its technological infrastructure and fuel product development initiatives as it targets expansion across multiple Latin America countries over the coming year.

An upsized debt facility from existing debt partner Omega Capital Partners also complemented Addi’s Series B injection. The combination of equity and debt allows Addi to build upon its current momentum as it expands its reach into other markets.

Investment Partners

Addi, a Latin American firm, has just closed its Series B funding round, raising US$ 75 million. The round was led by Tiger Global Management and included investments from Addi’s existing partners including Kleiner Perkins, GGV Capital, and Innovation Endeavours. Additionally, DST Global also joined the group of investors in this round.

Tiger Global Management is an investment firm focusing on private equity and venture capital investments. The firm has succeeded in previous investments in companies including Spotify, Peloton, Coinbase and Allbirds. By participating in Addi’s Series B funding round, Tiger Global is committed to growing brands serving Latin America and global markets.

Kleiner Perkins helps tech companies reach their full potential through capital investment on Seed through Growth stages of the business cycle. Founded in Silicon Valley over 40 years ago, the investment firm provides experienced advice based on real experience to help guide companies developed under their program to success.

GGV Capital seeks out opportunities with bold entrepreneurs worldwide who have ambitious goals— they look to invest in early-stage consumer and enterprise startups across Asia and the United States, focusing on China and Southeast Asia tech markets. Helping innovators cross borders is one of GGV’s key areas for growth and development, making their involvement in Addi’s Series B an ideal match for them and for Addi itself.

Innovation Endeavours is an early stage venture capital fund backed by Eric Schmidt that invests globally alongside entrepreneurs utilising technology to build transformative businesses within the consumer or enterprise space. Innovation Endeavours supports passionate leaders tackling big problems addressed by nontraditional solution sets leading to massive global impact over long-term horizons – making them a powerful addition to Addi’s Series B investor group this year.

DST Global adds momentum with seasoned expertise behind them as they join forces with these other partner/investor groups during Addi’s Series B funding round this year. They are focused on harvesting long-term returns from innovative technology companies that have reached market traction across various geographies – leveraging decades of collective experience investing into global communities via startups tech firms such as Airbnb & Facebook.

Impact on Addi

Tiger Global Management led Addi’s Series B round and marks its second major milestone in its mission to become “the leading consumer-facing fintech player for Latin America.” The US$75 million investment will fund Addi’s rapid growth and expansion into new markets and further develop products designed to enable customers in the region to build financial security.

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The additional capital will allow Addi to build its product line, hire top talent, expand marketing efforts, and deepen its presence in current markets. It will also fund initiatives like data science and artificial intelligence (AI) research capabilities, enabling the company to better utilise predictive analytics and personalised insights to support underserved customers in the region.

The investment is a logical step forward for Addi, given its track record of success with financial services such as personal loans, banking accounts, prepaid cards, merchant loans, payroll cards, data analytics insights for businesses on customers’ trends and behaviours. With this injection of funding into the company’s operations and product development efforts, Addi can more quickly address a much larger regional audience and offer other relevant products tailored specifically for each user. It’s expected that this investment will have an immediate positive impact on Addi’s mission while also boosting local economies by providing access to liquidity that previously may not have been attainable.

Latin American Market

Latin America is becoming an increasingly attractive market for investors, and Latin American firm Addi has recently raised US$ 75M in their Series B funding round led by Tiger Global Management. This is yet another example of the growth potential of companies in the Latin American market, and is sure to spark the interest of investors across the globe.

Let’s take a closer look at the opportunities in Latin America.

Overview of Latin American Market

Latin America has become a major centre for venture capital, with many startups emerging from the region. As a result, many investors are drawn to this fast-growth market, hungering for returns that far outstrip those available from more established countries.

Addi’s Series B round of funding marks another milestone for Latin American firms entering high-growth technology markets. The round was led by Tiger Global Management and raised US$75M in funding to expand its operations and invest in customer acquisition and growth initiatives across Latin American markets. This strategic investment indicates strong interest in the region’s booming tech markets and reflects its increasing attractiveness to venture capitalists looking for outsized returns on their investments.

Latin America has become an increasingly attractive investment destination because it allows investors to tap into the market’s rapid expansion. Over the next few years, Latin America is expected to be one of the world’s leading emerging markets with GDP predicted to grow by around 2% annually over the next several years and significant private equity financing pouring into the region.

Addi’s Series B fundraising exemplifies Latin American firms’ ability to power disruptive innovation, develop successful business models and attract investor capital worldwide. Moreover, this success story is a testament to Latin America’s bright economic future linked closely with technology-driven growth opportunities.

Opportunities for Addi

Addi, a Latin American-based firm, recently secured US$ 75 million in Series B funding. This significant injection of capital allows the company to invest in products and services that fuel its growth in new markets.

The firm’s business model is focused on creating a digital retail platform that connects physical stores and digital channels such as marketplaces and e-commerce. With this successful funding round, the firm can focus on aggressively expanding their reach into Latin American countries and beyond. During this period Addi plans to launch new features for their customers including localised logistics service with partners like Correos de Mexico and Glovo, to facilitate faster deliveries of items ordered from the platform.

This new capital will also allow them to explore other opportunities such as introducing Artificial Intelligence technology in the form of facial recognition algorithms that aim to improve customer service by streamlining store checkouts and enabling better payment options. Addi’s commitment is also to continue investing in research & development programs and potential acquisitions or partnerships that can further improve its proprietary technology stack powering operations behind its platform.

Latin American firm Addi’s Series B funding round was successfully concluded with a US$75M investment led by Tiger Global Management. This marks a pivotal moment in the firm’s growth story. The fresh influx of investments should enable Addi to scale up its operations, pursue new initiatives and grow as a leading player in its industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how this news may shape the future of Addi.


Addi, a Latin American instant loan provider, recently announced that it has secured US$ 75 million in Series B funding round. Tiger Global Management led the funding round with

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participation from other investors including Kaszek Ventures and Canary. The latest round of funding brings Addi’s total capital raised to US$ 135 million until date.

The fresh funds will be deployed for expanding the firm’s loan book, launching new products and improving the company’s core infrastructure. Founded in 2017 by Lucas Giongo and Franco Galoppe, Addi runs an online platform that offers fast loans with minimum documentation to salaried employees in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. It also supports companies which provide digital banking services such as savings accounts, investments options, debit cards and credit cards.

The success of its Series B funding round further highlights investor confidence in Latin American fintech startups despite the ongoing pandemic-led disruption of traditional financial services in the region.

Impact of Series B Funding Round

The US$75 million Series B funding round, led by Tiger Global Management, is a major milestone for Latin American firm Addi. The capital injection will boost its research and development capabilities to produce more innovative products and services. It will also support the company in its international expansion plans, helping it to establish subsidiaries overseas and launch its operations in other countries.

The funding round will enable the company to eliminate technical debt and the need for manual interventions across critical business processes such as product engineering, customer support, marketing automation, analytics & data science. This allows it to channel all its resources towards introducing new features, creating value-added services, and driving greater efficiency across departments.

The addition of additional resources and expertise from Tiger Global Management’s team can also provide additional benefits in terms of strategic guidance from experienced industry veterans who have invested in diverse sectors including cryptocurrency ventures, entertainment media outlets & technology investment funds. This guidance can help Addi towards a brighter future by helping it navigate difficult decisions such as choosing which markets or areas to expand into or what new products or services are most likely to show potential results.