The “how to delete a free peacock account” is how to close an account completely. This article will teach you what to do, and how to do it.

When you create an account on social media website, it is rare that the company will directly ask to delete your information. However, this article explains how.

It’s not as simple as it should be to cancel a free Peacock membership and account. However, if a person really wishes to have their account and associated user information deleted, it is possible.


Peacock TV debuted on July 15 and offers three distinct levels of service. NBCUniversal has adopted this strategy to guarantee that no matter what a customer’s budget is, there is a package that will meet their demands. The free tier, which offers a large range of movies and TV series at no cost, is the most accessible level. The premium and premium plus levels, on the other hand, allow customers to enhance their plans.

While having a free tier is a nice choice for customers, NBCU’s strategy implies that the free plan is seen as the default. In other words, although canceling Peacock premium or premium plus is simple, the provider anticipates that the customer would be content to have access to the free level. After all, it’s completely free.


Yes, customers may simply cease using the service, and if the account is set to the free plan, there is no financial obligation; but, whether switching from a premium plan or just becoming weary of the free plan, there is no simple method to end a Peacock membership permanently.

Deleting a Peacock account for good

To be clear, a Peacock subscription may be completely removed. However, this isn’t one of those occasions where you can just cancel the free membership and then reactivate it at a later date to have all of your accounts emerge. Instead, customers will have to erase their whole Peacock account, including any personal information associated with it.

Currently, canceling a free Peacock membership entails totally deleting a Peacock profile. Here’s how you can do it.

Getting rid of a Peacock profile

Although there is a specific “How can I remove my account?” page (link) on the service’s support pages, it is only somewhat useful. Because of the minimal information offered, it’s evident that deleting a profile necessitates subscribers requesting that the corporation erase the information it has on file. While this isn’t uncommon, the free account’s connection complicates the procedure for individuals who just want to quit being a Peacock member.

The FAQ page directs visitors to the company’s official privacy policy (link), which is also chock-full of material that may be perplexing to certain customers. A sentence that states “U.S. citizens who desire to learn more about access or deletion requests may visit here” with a link to another page is buried inside that page.


The URL referred to is NBCU’s ‘Individual Rights Request Portal,’ which contains a form for the customer to fill out. The remove information request form may be accessed by clicking the button below.

Consumers are need to give certain personal information on the form, such as their complete name and email address. Before submitting, double-check that the “Delete Information” option at the top is chosen, and that “Peacock” is listed as the “Select appropriate brand(s)” option.

What to Keep in Mind When Deleting

If cancelling a free Peacock membership wasn’t difficult enough, it’s also vital to understand the consequences of doing so. A successful request not only deactivates an active subscription, but also requests that NBCU remove all of the consumer’s information. If the user wants to use Peacock TV again in the future, they will most likely have to re-enter the same information.

Furthermore, there is no certainty that the account will be removed, and even if it is, there is no guarantee that it would be deleted promptly. Instead, this is a request form that customers may use to indicate Peacock that they want their personal information deleted. As stated in the company’s privacy policy:

“Depending on your state or country of residence, your rights and our reactions will differ.”

NBCUniversal is the source of this information.

Peacock account summary is being deleted.

In actuality, if you no longer want to use Peacock TV, the simplest approach is to ensure that your membership is set to the free level, then remove the app and cease using the service.

While this isn’t ideal since it technically retains the person as a subscriber, albeit one who isn’t active, it is the most straightforward approach. Because the access level is free, there is no monthly fee if the customer decides to cease utilizing the service.

Those who wish to permanently deactivate their Peacock account, however, must do so via NBCUniversal. Naturally, the company would be expected to follow any local laws requiring them to honor a consumer request, and would almost certainly comply with any requests it is not legally obligated to if asked, but that’s not the same as simply hitting delete and knowing your Peacock account has been deleted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel free Peacock account?

A: If you ever want to cancel your free Peacock account, you can do so by contacting us and well be more than happy to help out.

How do I get rid of peacock account?

A: To get rid of your peacock account, first sign out on the app. Then go here and delete this account.

How do I remove my credit card from Peacock?

A: We are currently not able to remove your credit card information. You will need to contact our customer service department for assistance with this, but keep in mind that they do not work weekends and holidays.

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