Sport has evolved into one of humanity’s most basic forms of entertainment over the years. Millions of people worldwide enjoy playing classic games like football, hockey, tennis, and many others. While the sports mentioned above receive a lot of media coverage and public acclaim, there are plenty of strange modern games that aren’t given the same level of respect. Are you curious about how they work? Kick back, relax with the 22Bet app, and read up on some of the strangest sports in the world.

Kabaddi (Bangladesh)

The contact sport of Kabbadi combines elements of wrestling and flag capture, and it is widely played in nations like Pakistan. However, in Bangladesh and Nepal, it is a national pastime. It reminds me of the old-fashioned beacon game played on playgrounds. Originating in ancient India, the sport has seen yearly World Cup competitions in South Asia ever since, with India coming out on top every time.

In this game, the raider crosses over to the other side of the field to mark the opposing team’s players, and they cannot refuel until the other team has returned to their end of the area. Next, the robber starts singing “kabaddi” as evidence that he is not breathing. If one player does not score, the opposing player’s score is nullified. As a result of its recent success in the UK, this activity has created an official governing organization. It has the potential to become a well-followed sporting event all around the world.

Sepak Takraw (Malaysia)

Sepak takraw is a type of unique sport that is primarily practiced in Thailand and Malaysia. It became a staple of Southeast Asian and Asian competitions in the 1400s. Sepak takraw translates to “kickball” (from the Malay meaning “kick” and the Thai word for “ball”), although it is not related to football in any way.

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Instead, the sport is often compared to volleyball because the court is split in half by a net, and each team consists of a single player. The goal of each team is to keep the ball in play so they can score goals and prevent the other team from doing so. Sepak takraw, in contrast to volleyball, is played using the feet, chin, and knees.

Carrying A Girl (Finland)

Sonkjärvi, Finland, has an annual competition for a unique sport in which male contestants or couples run obstacle courses while the women are kept at a safe distance. The victor of a sporting event in which the clothing styles of piggybacking or firefighter transport are used receives the weight of the woman he carried in beers. It’s a sport that’s gained popularity in places like the US and Australia.

Hornussen (Switzerland)

As a national sport, Hornussen was developed in Switzerland. Established in the 17th century, this sport is gaining popularity beyond its Swiss homeland. The Swiss countryside often used him to resolve conflicts and display their prowess. There are 18 players total, and the game is played over four quarters.


To play, a forward will use a whip to launch a puck called the horn (or horn) into the air. Players on the other team must use tiles tossed into the air to bring down the puck. Because of the hitting, this game is superior to both golf and baseball. In 2012, people set up the worldwide foundation for this sport, and since then, over 20 clubs in the United States have signed up.