For those who can’t speak German, here is a quick guide on how to type the letters with accents. With this knowledge you will be able to write in anything from English and Spanish as well!

The “how to type german letters on windows 10” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will give you the step by step instructions for typing German letters with accents on your keyboard.

How to Type German Letters with Accents on Keyboard

Accent marks are very significant in foreign languages such as German. An accent (or absence thereof) may often totally alter the meaning of a word.

You’ll learn how to type German letters with accents on an English keyboard in this instruction.

There are numerous strategies for obtaining these German accents, which you will learn about in this article.

Using the Alt Code Shortcut for German Accent (Windows)

Alt codes are used on Windows to enter symbols or characters that aren’t seen on the keyboard.

This approach is particularly effective since it saves a significant amount of time when typing special characters such as accented German letters.

The steps to enter these symbols on Windows using the Alt Code technique on the keyboard are as follows:

  • Open the document where you wish the Letters from Germany with Accents to be typed.
  • Then click to move the pointer to the location where these accents are needed.
  • Hold down one of the Alt Keys on your keyboard.
  • Use the numeric keypad on the right to input the German Accent Alt code while holding down the Alt key (see table below for all the Alt Codes)
  • After inputting the code, release the alt key.

The German sign will emerge as soon as you release the Alt key.

The Alt codes for all German letters with accent marks are shown below:

Description Letters from Germany Alternate code for the keyboard
Eszett | Scharfes S is a German letter with a sharp S. ß + 0223 Alternate
Uppercase The umlauted German letter A Ä + 0196 Alternate
Lowercase The umlauted German letter a ä + 0228 Alternate
Uppercase The umlauted German letter O Ö + 0214 Alternate
Lowercase The umlauted German letter o ö Alternative + 0246
Uppercase U is a German letter with an umlaut. Ü + 0220 ALT
Lowercase The umlauted German letter u ü + 0252 Alternate

The following requirements must be followed in order for these Letters from Germany Alt Code to function properly.

  • You must hold down the Alt key before inputting the code.
  • You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard to input the alt code.
  • Because you’re utilizing a 10-key numeric keypad, you’ll need to activate NumLock. The number keys become disabled when NumLock is turned off, and you won’t be able to input any numbers.
  • If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you’ll have to first enable the hidden numeric keypad. On most computers, you can switch it on by hitting the Fn + NmLk buttons at the same time. This concealed numeric keypad, however, isn’t found on every laptop. You won’t be able to input symbols using the alt code approach unless you attach an external keyboard with a numeric keypad or use the on-screen keyboard if you possess such a laptop. You may still utilize the other ways mentioned in this tutorial.

On the Mac, you may type German letters with accents.

Any special character, including German accents, may be obtained using a very easy shortcut on the Mac.

The Alt code mechanism described above is exclusive to Windows and can only be used on that operating system.

If you’re using a Mac, though, these shortcuts will work.

All of the shortcuts you’ll need to type any German accent on Mac are listed in the table below.

Description of a German Letter German Letters Mac Shortcut for German Letters
S is a German letter that means “sharp” in English. ß S + Option
The umlauted German letter A Ä Option + U, followed by A
The umlauted German letter O Ö Option + U, followed by O
U in German with umlaut Ü Option + U, followed by U

To utilize these shortcuts, press and release Option and the following key in the shortcut at the same time, then press and release the final key once.

In Word, there is a shortcut for typing German accents.

Even though you may insert or write German accents anywhere, even in Microsoft Word, using any of the following ways.

These MS Word shortcuts, on the other hand, were created specifically for typing these characters in Microsoft Word.

All of them are included in the table below.

Description of a German Letter German Letters Mac Shortcut for German Letters
S is a German letter that means “sharp” in English. ß Ctrl + Shift + &, followed by S
The umlauted German letter A Ä Then press Ctrl + Shift + ;(semicolon), followed by a
The umlauted German letter O Ö Then o by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ;(semicolon).
U in German with umlaut Ü u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u

Use the Office Symbol Library to insert German Accent Symbols.

If using the keyboard isn’t your thing, you may also acquire German Letters with Accent symbol in Office programs like Microsoft Word by using the mouse.

We’ll use screenshots from Microsoft Word to demonstrate the processes. In Excel and PowerPoint, though, you may apply the same way.

Here are the measures to take without further ado:

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Place your pointer where you wish the German Accents to appear.
  • Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu.


  • Select More Symbols from the drop-down menu after clicking the Symbols button in the Symbols group.


After that, the Symbol window will display. There are a million symbols in it, including German Accent Letters.

  • In the symbol library, look for the German Accent you desire.

Use the Subset dropdown option to see particular sorts of symbols to quickly discover these Accents. The German Accent letters are found in the Latin-1 Supplement group.

  • Simply double-click on any of these symbols to insert them into your document. Alternatively, you may use the Insert key.
  • The Dialog is now closed.

If you carefully follow the procedures above, you may enter these German symbols, as well as any other symbol or character not found on the keyboard.

German Accent Letters to Copy and Paste

This is by far the most straightforward method of obtaining any sign, including German accents.

Simply copy the letters anywhere, such as a web page, and then move to the document where you need them by using Ctrl + V.

If you would like to copy these letters, they are included below.

The instructions below will teach you how to copy this symbol from the Character Map if you have a Windows PC.

  • Search for the Character Map app and open it.
  • Select the Advance View checkbox beside the button to see additional Character map possibilities.


  • A search box may be found in the Advanced view. Using the search box, look for the German letter you wish to put.
  • In the search results, the symbol will display.
  • Simply pick it in the Characters to copy text box with a double click and then press the Copy button.


It might be challenging to get these German letters with accents that don’t have buttons on the keyboard.

It should, however, no longer be a tough chore with the help of the approaches we just described.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you type Ü on the computer?

A: You use the letter “u” and put a line over it.

How do I type German on my English keyboard?

A: You can use the special characters on your keyboard, such as 1., o. and ö.

How do you write ß?

A: The letter ß is written as the ss sound in German.

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