Ubisoft is one of the most recognizable game developers in the industry, but they’ve lost a large number of their staff to other companies over the past few years. Ubisoft has been accused by some former employees as being too focused on new projects and not enough time spent nurturing relationships with those who have helped them through tough times. However, others say that Ubisoft’s failures are due to company culture issues or poor management decisions rather than any specific project problems.

Ubisoft has been experiencing a lot of developer “exodus”. The company’s culture is being blamed for the exodus.

Ubisoft, one of the most well-known companies in the video game business, has seen a significant developer exodus in the previous 18 months. Its Canadian studios in Montreal and Toronto are among the worst-affected, with each of the two locations losing up to 60 employees in the previous six months.

At least five of the top 25 people engaged in the development of Far Cry 6, the company’s largest game due out in 2021, have gone. Another 12 of the 50 well-known names associated with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have gone, with a 13th rejoining lately. 

The wage structure, discontent with the business’s creative direction, and its poor handling of the #MeToo movement, which resulted in several significant names leaving the firm, are among the reasons why developers, programmers, and other personnel are departing Ubisoft.

Although Ubisoft’s across-the-board wage increase managed to stem the tide, Axios claimed that stronger offers from other companies were the major reason for the exodus, at least in Montreal. 

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Over 1,000 Ubisoft workers signed a statement claiming the company hasn’t done enough to change its culture. When asked why their coworkers were leaving, a current Ubisoft employee indicated that abuse and toxicity are, in fact, significant causes for most. They went on to say that individuals of color and women, on the other hand, saw them as decisive factors. 

Employees have suffered as a result of the company’s mismanagement of the #MeToo movement, which resulted in the resignation of some of the company’s senior executives. While trying to become engaged in attempts to alter the business culture, one former employee who departed this year stated they were disappointed by their higher-ups. 

In an interview with Axios, two existing staffers said that the departures had delayed and even blocked several initiatives. As previously stated, interviews with dozens of current and former Ubisoft workers have revealed a variety of explanations.

“There’s something about management and creative scraping by on the absolute minimum that just pushed me away,” one former employee stated, while another said that by quitting, they were able to treble their pay. 

According to Anika Grant, director of people operations at Ubisoft, management is on top of the problem, with the attrition rate “a few percentage points over” where it normally would be.


According to LinkedIn, Ubisoft’s rate is at 12 percent, which is lower than Activision Blizzard’s 16 percent but higher than competitors EA, Take-Two, and Epic Games, who have rates of 9 percent, 8 percent, and 7 percent, respectively. 

The firm also said that it has employed 2,600 people since April, which is remarkable given that just 4,500 people had been hired in the previous two years.

Ubisoft just revealed that it would bring the Splinter Cell series back to life, and it has already begun recruiting programmers and senior employees in Toronto. If the scenario persists, Ubisoft may be forced to concentrate more on projects that may be delayed or blocked as a result of a large portion of its personnel departing. 

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Ubisoft has been experiencing an unprecedented exodus of developers. The company is trying to figure out what went wrong, and where they can improve their developer culture. Reference: ubisoft unprecedented exodus developers.

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