Knox Lane is proud to announce the imminent completion of a growth equity investment for Pattern, the leading global platform powering modern marketplaces. Pattern enables buyers and sellers of digital marketplace businesses to connect, network and transact in a safe environment. This strategic move marks Knox Lane’s foray into technology investing and emphasises its commitment to investing in the future of financial services.

Knox Lane led the $225 million growth equity investment. It included participation from existing Pattern investors, including D1 Capital Partners and Tiger Global Management, indicating confidence in the business’s future potential. Other key participants in this landmark deal include Onsi Sawiris’s Nitsa Ventures, Goldcrest Capital, PSP Investments, and FLAG Capital Management showing great enthusiasm for what Pattern is building.

This alliance brings together two forces aligned on a shared vision focused on building software solutions that unlock efficiencies in how marketplaces operate globally. Knox Lane is the first financial services organisation to invest in such a venture and other tech industry leaders who bring decades of experience driving innovation across multiple digital sectors such as eCommerce, FinTech, SaaS and media & entertainment platforms.

This investment will help bolster Pattern’s current suite of products and provide additional resources for their long-term strategic plans combined with further investments from financial institutions such as Wells Fargo Strategic Capital later this year.

Pattern Secures $225M Growth Equity Investment Led by Knox Lane

Knox Lane, a leading growth equity investor, recently led a $225M Series B investment in Pattern, a technology analytics firm. This investment round is seen as a strong endorsement of Pattern and its innovative approach to analytics.

In addition, this investment will validate the benefits and importance of analytics in the current era of accelerating digital transformation. In this article, we’ll cover Knox Lane’s perspective on the investment.

Knox Lane’s Vision for Pattern

Knox Lane is excited to announce its lead strategic growth equity investment in Pattern, a modern, digital platform for the global financial services industry. This significant capital injection of $225M further strengthens Pattern and provides immense growth potential to create a new wave of customer-centric digital financial products.

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Pattern’s vision of creating an open financial ecosystem democratising access to personalised digital services perfectly aligns with Knox Lane’s goals. As a result, we believe this investment will accelerate Pattern’s journey to become the preeminent digital financial services platform and support its goal of connecting customers with innovative products and services.

We were especially impressed by Pattern’s modern architecture, cutting-edge technology, global reach, and existing partnerships with leading technology brands worldwide. As a result, we are confident that this joint venture will enable companies worldwide to access cutting-edge technology solutions for their customers that can be applied across many different industries.

Knox Lane is dedicated to helping accelerate positive change in the industry through creative problem solving and encouraging innovation in business models, technologies and strategies. Our team looks forward to participating in this success story alongside our colleagues at Pattern LLC and building long lasting relationships with their clients worldwide.

Knox Lane’s Investment Goals

Knox Lane is leveraging its deep market insights, technology, and capital to help Pattern scale its operations as part of this growth equity investment. By doing so, Knox Lane will enable Pattern to create unique solutions that benefit the global beauty industry. Pattern’s CEO, Bernie Yoo, expressed his excitement at the new partnership by stating, “Knox Lane’s investment in us is a great testament to the strength of our vision and business model. We are thrilled to have them join us on our mission of making beauty more accessible and empowering people to discover healthier products.”

Knox Lane’s goals with this investment include helping Pattern bring more elements of personalised beauty to consumers’ hands faster than ever before. Through Knox Lane’s support, Pattern strives to reach more people while maintaining a strong commitment towards safety and customization in beauty products. Additionally, Pattern is looking forward to utilising Knox Lane’s resources and experiences to become not just an online marketplace for beauty products but a leader in enabling access for everyone into personalised care products suited for the individual user’s needs.

Knox Lane’s Commitment to Pattern

Knox Lane is proud to have led Pattern’s $225 million growth equity investment. We are excited to join forces with Pattern, its founders, and our partners at Aquiline Technology Growth and Elm Park Capital, in helping drive Pattern’s continued development and expansion, including the accelerated growth of its advanced analytics platform globally. At Knox Lane, investing in Pattern is a great opportunity to create value through digital transformation.

Pattern is a leader in healthcare data insights and advanced analytics. Founded in 2016 by CEO Ed Park, who previously served as the President & COO at Etsy, CTO John Parkinson-Best who was previously head of product at Oscar Health and was involved with creating products at Facebook & Google Maps; VP of Business Development Praneet Kant who ran original commerce product development for Apple Pay; and Head of Data Science Jered Reimer who was previously an early engineer on Etsy’s population health team – they are highly regarded technologists and experts with deep experience tackling complex problems across various industries that enhance both organisational performance and consumer outcomes. As such, we greatly admire their capabilities both on the technology side and their empowering consumer-focused solutions built upon their deep force of data science skill sets.

We’re confident that financial commitment coupled with our domain expertise will further enable Pattern to grow organically based on its immense potential within healthcare by leveraging analytics solutions to enable efficient access to care for better customer outcomes. Furthermore, we believe thoroughly partnering with them will open new doors of capability so everyone can continue developing with greater confidence that advancements have been built on a solid foundation of trust from which new capacities can be developed collectively across medical facilities, health IT companies, research universities etc.

Benefits of the Investment

Knox Lane’s recent investment in the tech-driven consumer finance platform, Pattern, is a milestone for the financial services industry.

This $225 million growth equity investment led by Knox Lane will help Pattern accelerate its growth, attract new talent, and partner with more financial institutions.

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In the following section, we will explore the various benefits of this investment.

Increased Access to Capital

The Pattern Secures $225M Growth Equity Investment Led by Knox Lane is sure to create opportunities for small businesses and accelerate the growth of the US economy. This investment will help Pattern to build a stronger customer base, increase hiring, and continue production with new high-efficiency methods. The infusion of capital will also give Pattern more resources to fund research and development programs and take advantage of higher revenue potentials. In addition, the increased access to capital furthers Knox Lane’s mission of helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster.

The access to capital provided by this investment is essential for accelerating the growth momentum created by small business owners around the country. It will allow businesses to invest in physical expansion projects such as new retail stores, hire more employees, increase working capital, and expand into new markets quickly. Additionally, startups can acquire other companies or intellectual property rights to gain competitive advantages in a competitive marketplace. This investment will also allow Pattern to create a distinct distribution network that would be hard for others to replicate without injecting venture capital or private equity funding. Increased access to capital provided through this type of venture can make an unimaginably powerful impact on an organisation’s ability to scale quickly and generate substantial returns on investment over the long term.

Expanded Reach

The $225M growth equity investment led by Knox Lane is expected to give Pattern — a fast-growing trading platform for investors, brokers, and institutions — an expanded reach and enhanced capability. This investment allows Pattern to quickly expand its trading infrastructure to meet the demands of its clients; build out innovative products; and develop strategic partnerships that drive new opportunities.

As part of Knox Lane’s investment, Pattern will benefit from capital support and access to the firm’s extensive knowledge of the securities industry. With this partnership, Pattern will leverage the expertise of some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the financial services space.

In addition, this partnership is expected to give Pattern valuable insights into what strategies best serve customers in today’s rapidly changing marketplace and access to key technology platforms and products required for executing sophisticated trades. This expanded reach will help Pattern capture increased market share amongst institutional and retail customers.

Improved Customer Experience

Investing in Pattern is an opportunity for Knox Lane to contribute to improving customer experience. As a partner, we will accelerate the deployment of innovative technologies that drive growth today and uncover new sources of value as the marketplace evolves.

Pattern has demonstrated commitment to customer service, providing customers with easy access to financial dashboard insights and robust portfolio management tools. With this investment, Pattern will bring even more innovative features and insights that make it easier for customers to get more out of their portfolio management experience.

We also recognize the need for improved risk and compliance management throughout the financial services industry. Knox Lane’s investment will give Pattern the resources to accelerate development in this area. It is mission-critical for maintaining a secure platform while providing world-class customer experience.

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Knox Lane is passionate about investing in companies committed to building relationships based on trust and mutual respect between customers and businesses. This investment ensures we continue our commitment towards this goal by contributing capital so that Pattern can continue its mission of making portfolio management easier for people worldwide.

Investing in Pattern demonstrates Knox Lane’s clear commitment to the future of data-driven businesses. By supporting Pattern’s ability to meet customer needs with innovative products, business models and technology, Knox Lane is investing in the ambition of every business.

In addition to this investment, Knox Lane believes that partnership should go beyond just capital. Our approach includes providing strategic support to our partners and a deep understanding of their unique needs, to help them accomplish their full potential. This strategic investment round allows us to start to realize our vision.

Knox Lane looks forward to continuing our collaboration with Pattern for years to come and are excited about helping them reach their goals. We believe that this partnership will benefit both companies and our partners along the way – driving innovation and ensuring you have the best tools necessary for success.