Poker has changed a lot over the years, with technology having a growing influence on how people play. Aside from the development of online poker, technology has also led to the creation of poker software tools. If you play online and you’re not using software tools, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Most online players now use these tools either to give them information on how to play their hand or to track their performance and review mistakes. Poker players can make use of lots of different software tools, all of which are designed to make playing easier and more fun. With software, you can give yourself a slight edge over the competition and use it to improve your skills and become a better and more well-rounded poker player.

Before you start downloading all of the available software, make sure you look carefully at what’s available and what each tool can do for you. Here are a few of the top options used by the best online poker players.

Equity Calculators

In poker, equity is calculated by applying your percentage chance of winning to the total amount of chips in the pot. This gives you a clear idea of how to proceed with your hand, and most top players work out equity before making a decision. The decision will be based on the ranges of your opponent’s hands, so you’ll need to estimate their ranges before you use the software.

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After estimating your opponent’s range, you can use an equity calculator to find out if your hand has enough equity to call. You input their range along with your cards and the board to run the calculation and give you a percentage for the equity. Over time, you’ll get better at doing these calculations in your head, but they’re great for new players and for learning equity.

There are lots of different equity calculators available to download, most of which are paid for. However, there are some free options available too. Make sure you read the reviews of any software before you download it.


Solvers allow you to play with game theory optimal (GTO) poker strategy. While this type of software has been around for many years, it’s changed a lot in what it can do and how useful it can be. Essentially, a solver helps you play with the perfect strategy based on the variables you give it. These variables include pre-flop ranges, pot size, stack size, and the size of any raises that are made.

Once you enter these variables into the software, it performs a number of calculations to try to come up with the best solution. However, they’re not foolproof, and there are some situations where it may be best to make tweaks. For example, the software decides its strategy on the basis that each player is playing optimally. If you spot a weak player, you can adjust your strategy to take advantage of them.

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Because solvers give players the optimal strategy, using them is often considered cheating. However, they are fairly difficult to use in reality. Solutions can be very difficult to follow, and the complexity of poker means that even if you have all of the variables, there is a lot that can be unaccounted for.

Poker Databases

Poker database software is used to track your performance and review your previous games. It can also be used to view statistics and even check your opponent’s statistics and past performance to analyze their strategy. Many online poker sites include a form of poker database for you to review your hands and check your stats.

If you want a more advanced database, lots are available, some of which provide heads-up displays to show your opponent’s stats. With the right software, you can improve your poker skills substantially, studying your game and learning from your mistakes.