The industry of eSports continues to evolve. Every year users are offered more than ten interesting projects in which millions of gamers from all over the world create an account. One of the most successful releases of 2013 is the game Rust. This is a survival game in which the gamer has to collect different items. This project will be interesting not only for fans of the genre but also for those people who are engaged in trading. Rust skins today can be sold or bought not only on the Steam trading platform but also using various sites specifically designed for operations related to in-game items. What does the gameplay look like in the project presented? Everything is quite simple:

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  1. The gamer finds himself at a random point on the map. Of the items, he has only a stone and a torch. Experienced users say that in the first few days, it is better not to even think about creating a house. At this stage, it is better to take care of collecting items. First of all, we are talking about wood, various ores, and stones, as well as those resources that can be obtained from the animals encountered on the way by the hero.
  2. For the hero to always be ready for the various trials of Rust, it is desirable to eat in time. For this purpose, it is necessary to store meat and other elements of a nourished life in the inventory. When the gamer sees that his character looks more tired, it is necessary to simply feed him.
  3. When the user has enough items, he can start building the first house. An important element in this process is the place where construction will take place. It is desirable to choose it in such a way that the attack of enemies is minimal. It is also desirable to have a pond around the future, as well as the ability to collect various items for further development.
  4. Naturally, there is no need to get hung up on one building. If the player has enough resources, he can create new houses in different parts of the world Rust. At the same time, do not forget about the need for protection. Leaving a building without protection, you can lose it after an enemy raid.
  5. For the user to have a lot of chances for final success, he must assemble a team. In this way, you can be sure that the probability of significant losses will be minimal. Subsequently, with proper coordination, the created team will not only be able to defend their village but also attack their rivals. The greater the number of team members, the greater the chance of ultimate success.
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Naturally, most novice users wonder what the real challenge is for the gamer in Rust. There isn’t one. Similar to the legendary Minecraft, the player here needs to improve his character, as well as create his own house or a whole city.

In turn, in-game skins do not affect the potential success of the user. They are used to distinguish the character from the other players. Unlike most other games, skins in Rust are not only associated with weapons. They can also be a variety of decorative items that the character can use to decorate his home. Over the past few years, the use of special items in this game has become more relevant. Gamers have started trading items to earn real money. Consequently, if the player is not interested in using various skins directly in Rust, he can sell or trade the obtained item. Most often, we are talking about relatively inexpensive items. However, if the player’s goal is to create a modern and attractive character, it is better to pay attention to the analysis of available skins. You can find them on Steam, as well as similar sites in the public domain.