A photo that captured the moment a fishing boat was set ablaze by protesters in front of Iceland’s parliament building has won an award for environmental photography. The photograph, taken during anti-whaling protests, shows fishermen with their clothes on fire at Ivarholt Square outside Reykjavik’s Ljosvollur Church. It is among 689 images entered into this year’s Sony World Photography Awards competition and has been shortlisted for the prestigious overall prize of $50,000 USD.

The conservation ocean photography award goes to “Smoking Fish.”

We humans are nothing less than Earth’s destroyers. We are continually causing harm to all ecosystems on the globe, whether we are aware of it or not. We must pay a hefty price for disrupting our ecosystems.

Humans must educate one another on the detrimental effects of various activities on the ocean’s ecosystem. To propagate a message or make individuals accountable, people must be aware.

2021 Ocean Photography Award

We have several sorts of gadgets to browse the web in today’s digital environment. To explore the world, we all utilize cellphones with apps. To distribute a message, social networking websites and applications, photo-sharing apps, video-sharing platforms, and a variety of other platforms are accessible on the internet.

Every year, an unique Ocean Photography Awards ceremony is held to honor photographers who capture stunning images of the ocean’s environment. This year’s Ocean Photography Award is unlike anything else we’ve seen in the past.

2021 Ocean Photography Award

The winner of this year’s Ocean Photography Award is a somber photograph of a Smoking Fish. Steven Kovacs, a well-known photographer, took the shot of the Smoking Fish. A fish and a discarded cigarette are seen in the photograph. The fish is carefully gumming this cigarette, understanding that it is something edible. The photograph seems to be one-of-a-kind, but it also conveys a message to humans.

What is the significance of the photograph?

The image depicts a fish smoking a discarded cigarette. Of course, one of us was the one who threw the cigarette. Ocean wildlife is something that many of us are unaware of. Hundreds of fish species and other marine life may be found underwater in an ocean. We harm the creatures and their ecology when we toss waste into the ocean, river, or pond. Many creatures perish as a result of human rubbish being dumped into the ocean.

“Smoking Fish” Wins Conservation Ocean Photography AwardThe conservation ocean photography award goes to “Smoking Fish.”

Trachinocephalus myops is the name of the fish in this shot who is smoking a discarded cigarette. Lizardfish is another name for it. The lizardfish may be found mostly in the Atlantic Ocean. The creatures that live in the Atlantic Ocean have a unique way of existence. Due to the intense cold, they spend the majority of their time looking for food.

The Lizardfish conceals while seeking for food, leaving just their eyes visible outside. This shot, on the other hand, shows that owing to a scarcity of food underwater, this fish leapt upon everything that moved.

Steven Kovacs has shared this picture on his Instagram account, along with a powerful statement. The following is Steven’s official message:

Taking a Smoke Break

Actually, this was an almost disastrous circumstance. Trachinocephalus myops, a little Snakefish, snatched a cigarette butt from the water column flowing past in the stream, mistaking it for a fish, and swallowed it for a meal. It hadn’t recognized its error until it had swallowed more than half of the cigarette!! I felt compelled to interfere in this circumstance since I don’t think the fish would have fared well if it had completed its “dinner.” Palm Beach is a city in the state of Florida.


Species photographers have a specific affinity for both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. They film live photos of animals, birds, and aquatic life in order to convey the word and allow us to experience the forest and aquatic life firsthand. A series on sharing messages for conserving our Ocean Ecosystem has previously aired on BBC Earth. Various other stations have also shown comparable shows to raise public awareness.

Wildlife photographersPhotographers that specialize in wildlife

Several such images demonstrating the influence of people on the ocean’s ecosystem have appeared on the internet. If we’re talking about other photographs, a dead moray eel is one that got an award. There are many more photographs like these on the internet that you may share if you care about the world and the creatures who live in our ecosystems.

Badly impacted Ocean’s Ecosystem by HumansHumans have had a negative influence on the ocean’s ecosystem.

The shot by Steven Kovach is insufficient to convey what we have done to Ocean’s environment and how our misdeeds have harmed it. Garbage is generating problems for ocean-dwelling species, and we must put a stop to it as soon as possible.

Get out of here!

Many individuals are unaware of the ocean’s ecosystem and its importance to humanity. Humans get 50% of their oxygen from the ocean ecosystem alone. We will eventually have to cope with a lack of oxygen on the earth if we continue to pour waste into the ocean.

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