TikTok, the world’s leading short-form video platform, and SiriusXM, the world’s leading audio entertainment company, have announced a partnership to provide fans with exclusive audio experiences.

This partnership will provide users with access to SiriusXM’s music channel, Pandora-curated playlists, audio tracks from popular TikTok videos, and more. By joining forces, both companies hope to create a unique music experience for their users.

Overview of the partnership

TikTok and SiriusXM announced a new partnership to create exclusive audio experiences, beginning with the launch of the SiriusXM Music Channel and Pandora playlists. Through this collaboration, the renowned satellite radio company will be able to offer content to its subscribers through the popular social media app while also creating unique experiences tailored to TikTok’s worldwide user base.

As part of their agreement, SiriusXM Music Channel and Pandora can deliver audio experiences that have been tailored specifically for listeners’ pleasure when they use Tiktok. Additionally, through close collaborations with both teams at SiriusXM and Pandora, they can develop innovative audio content that will offer users streaming options outside of traditional radio offerings.

These new features aim to reach users’ music preferences in a fun way by offering exclusive #replay channels from popular radio stations like KISSFM in New York City or B101 in Philadelphia – all accessible from within TikTok. At the same time, viewers can enjoy engaging experiences like themed hours featuring Sirius XM artists on The Pulse (Ch. 10) or talk-backed playlists from Pandora curated just for them — so they can get more out of their connections with others on the app; like sharing music data between accounts for even better discovery opportunities that go beyond genre or era boundaries.

Benefits of the partnership

The strategic partnership between TikTok and SiriusXM creates opportunities for numerous benefits for both organizations, including the following:

1. Creation of Exclusive Audio Experiences:

TikTok and SiriusXM have joined forces to offer exclusive audio experiences to their customers through a new SiriusXM music channel. The channel, called “Tik Tok Radio,” will provide users with a curated mix of TikTok’s most popular songs and trending audio from across its network facilitated by DJs based in New York City. Additionally, Pandora playlists created by TikTok influencers such as Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Bella Poarch will be available to those who subscribe to Pandora Premium or an eligible SiriusXM streaming service.

2. Rapid Growth Opportunities:

This alliance offers the opportunity for both companies to rapidly expand their customer base and content offerings. By utilizing both companies’ resources, TikTok and SiriusXM can grow quickly without having to make major investments in research and development or build out their individual teams. Additionally, this partnership grants each company access to the other’s vast library of content, which could help speed up the introduction of new features or services.

3. Expansion Of Revenues & Reach:

With two companies combining forces, this new partnership has the potential to increase revenues significantly by expanding each organization’s reach and introducing more users to their products or services. For example, introducing more audio content through Pandora playlists created by influencers on TikTok could drive more users initially interested only in video content over to yet another platform they use – a helpful benefit for each company’s bottom line as well.

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SiriusXM Music Channel

TikTok and SiriusXM have revealed an exclusive audio partnership that will bring together the power of SiriusXM’s vast music library with the creative possibilities of TikTok. The partnership will allow SiriusXM to create a new music channel featuring TikTok’s most popular music and podcasts. Additionally, the partnership will allow Pandora users to access curated playlists from the SiriusXM music channel.

Let’s take a look at what this new partnership will bring.

TikTok Launches New ‘TikTok Radio’ Station in Partnership With SiriusXM and Pandora

TikTok and Sirius XM have entered a groundbreaking audio collaboration with the aim of creating exclusive content and exceptional listening experiences. At the heart of their partnership is a dedicated Sirius XM music channel powered by TikTok’s trend-setting influencer network.

This unique music channel will feature audio playlists stuffed with trending songs handpicked by TikTok stars, plus interviews, comedy bits, and other audio content that showcases influencers’ personalities, lifestyles, and sensibilities. The content on this new Sirius XM exclusive channel will be available as part of a sponsored SiriusXM subscription or even for streaming or downloading as individual pieces.

In addition to the exclusive music channel, TikTok and SiriusXM are also creating Pandora-style artist stations on their proprietary multiplex channels for pop fans and special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Each station will feature the latest hits from top artists whose music is popular on TikTok, like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. Fans can easily access these songs at any time on either their mobile devices or connected car systems. Furthermore, selected podcasts from influencers will be made available to listeners throughout the day on both platforms.

Ultimately, through this new strategic partnership between two trailblazing companies in their respective sector industries, Tik Tok and SiriusXM seek to build something that can shape how people experience audio — while offering more access points to discover exceptional content from today’s hottest talent in music and entertainment.

How the channel will be curated

TikTok and SiriusXM have partnered to create exclusive audio experiences, including a SiriusXM music channel and Pandora playlists, for the entertainment platform’s users. Listeners will be able to experience curation from some of the biggest names in audio, such as Diplo, Charli XCX, Marshmello, and more.

The SiriusXM music channel will be updated on a rolling basis with up to 8 hours daily of TikTok-curated programming. Each hour on the channel, unique curation from experts in pop culture and music like dance, hip-hop, and EDM will give listeners an immersive experience of all aspects of TikTok’s diverse musical culture.

Listeners tuning in to the SiriusXM exclusive music channel will also enjoy the commercial-free JAM’N Top 30 Countdown hosted by TikTokers Charli & Dixie D’Amelio – an exciting way to explore new releases across all platforms with their own weekly recaps on what’s hot right now. In addition to this curated programming, pulse-pounding sets created by some of today’s hottest DJs and remixers like Marshmello, Whethan, and Diplo are slated to be part of the station’s regular rotation. To top it all off – daily programming highlights will feature classic ‘feel good’ pop throwbacks handpicked by lifestyle influencers Hannah Meloche (135k followers) and Travis Mills (@travismills).

With over 1 billion monthly users around the globe, along with hundreds of millions more engaging with artists on their app every day, it’s no wonder that this new partnership between TikTok & SiriusXM is setting up for success! Get ready for even more sound innovation delivered directly from your favorite celebrities as they create exclusive content catered just for you!

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Pandora Playlists

Pandora and TikTok have partnered with SiriusXM to create exclusive audio experiences. As part of the partnership, SiriusXM will launch a new music channel dedicated to TikTok’s official music content, as well as Pandora Playlists that are powered by its music intelligence platform.

Users can expect an enjoyable listening experience as these lists incorporate the latest trending songs and top 100 hits.

Details of the Pandora Playlists

The new partnership between TikTok and SiriusXM will expand the audio experiences available to TikTok users. As part of this collaboration, TikTok users will be able to access exclusive music channels and Pandora playlists in addition to existing content created by both SiriusXM and Pandora.

TikTok’s new partnership with SiriusXM will offer music fans access to a plethora of exclusive audio experiences. This includes the music channel, which was created specifically for this partnership and is available on the SiriusXM app. The channel’s extensive library includes over 50 different genres, giving music fans an array of possibilities right at their fingertips.

In addition to the existing content, listeners will also have access to exclusive Pandora playlists featuring some of today’s top artists, such as Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Post Malone. These exclusive playlists provide music lovers with a personalized experience tailored to each individual listener’s tastes. The expansive library ranges from hip-hop and R&B bangers to classical masterpieces – something for everyone!

The combination of these elements makes it possible for TikTok users to have an engaging listening experience tailored just for them! This experience provides users with remarkable value & convenience — whether on their commute or out for errands, they no longer need a separate streaming service; they can simply tune into these unique audio experiences right through the SiriusXM app!

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How the playlists will be curated

TikTok and SiriusXM have proudly announced their new partnership, which includes the introduction of regular audio experiences featuring music from SiriusXM channels and curated playlists on Pandora. A unique selection of music that is truly representative of the TikTok generation will be available.

The music selections will be curated by SiriusXM’s top tastemakers, as well as special TikTok-related musical experiences – from special SiriusXM Music Channels tailored to exclusive episodes hosted by popular Talents on the app. When it comes to Pandora playlists, the content will offer a variety for all listeners – from monthly Artist profiles to themed playlists like ‘Quarantine Throwbacks.’

TikTok users can expect a perfect trio when it comes to their audio experience – original content such as interviews with top Musers and radio hosts who create content that appeals to users’ demographics while tapping into TikTok’s viral style of online video and audio sharing. The image-driven presentation is tailored to the digital-first climate in today’s cultural consciousness, using visuals that can span multiple platforms with ease and accuracy. Lastly, an expectation from both fans and listeners alike for an easier path to discovery for new music – creating a true partner for finding not just today’s chart hits but emerging artists too.


TikTok and SiriusXM have partnered up to create exclusive audio experiences that will enhance the user experience on both platforms.

The new partnership will offer SiriusXM music channels and pandora playlists to stream the latest hits and podcasts. This new audio content will be available to the users of both platforms, providing a unique and engaging experience for users.

How the partnership will be promoted

In order to promote the new TikTok and SiriusXM audio partnership, both companies will be leveraging a variety of channels to reach their audiences.

TikTok will use its platform to feature content from SiriusXM’s channels, including exclusive audio experiences, playlists, and other promotions. The company will also share promoted posts about the partnership on its social media profiles, including Twitter and Instagram. Additionally, TikTok’s in-app push notifications will be used to alert users of new content being released by SiriusXM as well as upcoming shows that they may be interested in tuning in for.

SiriusXM will use its various radio stations, podcasts, and social media accounts to promote the joint venture and shine a spotlight on certain shows or songs they think their listeners would enjoy. They will also launch a series of special campaigns on their website and mobile app that celebrate the collaboration between TikTok and SiriusXM. Finally, they are planning on airing radio spots across their radio stations in an effort to inform more people about the new partnership.

What type of content will be promoted?

TikTok and SiriusXM have announced an exclusive audio collaboration to create unique experiences utilizing SiriusXM’s extraordinary library of content and Pandora’s playlists for the TikTok community.

SiriusXM will curate a one-of-a-kind TikTok music channel featuring popular music from top genres from its commercial-free networks. This channel will be featured on the social media app, giving listeners access to some of the freshest and most emerging sounds. In addition, a special series of hour-long Pandora playlists curated by the SiriusXM team featuring new releases, throwbacks, overlooked gems, and more will be updated each week on TikTok throughout 2021. Fans can expect music from top artists like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Drake, and SZA, as well as emerging talents like Megan Thee Stallion and Billie Eilish.

This innovative collaboration aims to bridge the gaps between both platforms, introducing millions of TikTok fans to SiriusXM’s collection of programming with custom audio recommendations tailored to each user’s unique musical tastes. As COVID forges ahead in 2021, connecting people through music is more important than ever before – now you can find your latest favorites in one place. Tune in to hear exclusive insights from artists heard on various SiriusXM channels – only available through this collaboration!


Overall, the new audio partnership between TikTok and SiriusXM is an exciting development that will give fans of the popular social media platform access to even more unique audio experiences.

From the SiriusXM Music Channel to Pandora playlists, this innovative collaboration allows for more varied music selections and customized listening experiences.

In the end, this partnership could prove to be highly beneficial for both companies and their respective users.

Summary of the partnership

SiriusXM, the world’s leading audio entertainment company, and TikTok, the world’s leading destination for short-form mobile video, have partnered to create a unique audio experience for TikTok users. This new partnership will involve several exciting initiatives, such as a SiriusXM music channel exclusively for TikTok users, custom Pandora playlists inspired by trending topics on the platform, and integration of select SiriusXM content into TikTok’s music library.

TikTok users will be able to access exclusive original Pandora playlists that are relevant to the trending topics and challenges discussed on the platform. These customized snippets of content will offer a more personalized and immersive listening experience. Additionally, select SiriusXM content, including live talk and entertainment channels such as The Opie Radio Show or Symon Live, will be available within TikTok’s audio library.

This partnership expands the presence of these two powerful platforms beyond their respective mediums, combining their passions for captivating audio experiences and providing great entertainment to their users. We look forward to seeing what comes from this collaboration!

Benefits of the partnership for users

The partnership between TikTok and SiriusXM represents a powerful collaboration between two leading audio services, offering users unprecedented access to expertly-curated audio experiences. Through this strategic integration, users will be able to access an array of exclusive content across music, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment.

From the SiriusXM Music Channel on Pandora encompassing an extensive range of genres, including Pop Hits, Hip Hop Nation, Country Hits, and more, to artist-specific Pandora playlists like Justin Bieber Radio; or radio shows hosted by well-known personalities including Howard Stern, Ben Winston, and Sway Calloway; users will have no shortage of specialized content to enjoy.

In addition to providing access to an expansive array of content catering to a broad range of interests, the new partnership also allows users to use their existing app accounts. This means that fans can start listening on one platform before seamlessly transitioning to the other without any compromise in sound quality or user experience.

By introducing new music-based partnerships such as this one between TikTok and SiriusXM, media companies are showing a commitment to dominating the soundscape. The partnership creates the opportunity for millennials, in particular – many of whom rely heavily on streaming services – to fully immerse themselves in outstanding audio experiences through both applications.