There are many films about people who find a well-hidden diary of their ancestors and discover a whole new world. These are first-hand accounts and pure gold for historians, almost like winning the lottery or Casino Chan.

But it is not only an important foundation for children, but it is also useful for oneself. It is not just a daily routine, so you do not forget what you have done in the last few days. It also helps one to reflect. There are many beautiful notebooks just waiting to be filled with your ideas, dreams, and habits. Different people have different types of notebooks. There are dream journals, travel journals, or diaries. It is useful to write down what you think when something important happens, such as a long trip or when someone has died, and you are trying to live with it.

Some psychologists even recommend it. For our brain, it is a process to realize something. Only when you finally put something down on paper can you start to process it. That really happened. You have to see the words in front of you to start healing. Or at least to understand what happened.

For others, this is just a hobby, and they love to pick out beautiful books for their thoughts and do it regularly. Especially teenagers and especially girls feel the need to write down their feelings. And there is nothing wrong with that. It has almost become a trend that can be seen in movies or series as well.

But what are the other benefits of writing in a diary, apart from growing up or having an important event in your life? There are several, depending on the type and situation.


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This is a real treasure for your descendants to get to know their ancestors better. They will learn how the writer felt, what he or she thought, and how he or she witnessed historic events. Dairies are also an important source in historical scholarship to understand the past. They give a better insight into daily life. Thus, it brings closer not only a person but also a time.


In a more private sense, a diary helps you see what you have already accomplished in your life. Whether it is that you got a new job, got married, or went on a big trip. It can also be some smaller steps.

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But no less important. It can also help you deal with your feelings. At some stages in our lives, we just feel overwhelmed. That is when it can help to write things down. And think about it but in a clear way. Second, it can improve your writing skills. Once you get into the habit of writing, it will show in your professional life. You will improve your style and also the way you express yourself.

You will be able to better manage and organize your life. Set goals based on what you have already accomplished. You will get a handle on your thoughts and goals. And you will feel calmer and less stressed about the future.

If you are really stressed or worried about something, write it down. And maybe you will read it again a week later, and you will have found a solution. Sometimes it happens that you are just stuck in a situation that you cannot solve right away.

Other benefits include boosting your creativity and exercising your memory. You will always have the opportunity to recall your memories in written form. You won’t lose them.

Overall, it is a nice habit that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.