From medieval villages to space stations, these are the best village mods for Minecraft 1.12.2

10Villager Names

Villages are a crucial component of the Minecraft game, and there are several villagers from which to pick. The user may pick from ten different villager names depending on the kind of town they wish to build. Brenton, Scarlett, Jared, Marshall, Jedediah, Tristan, Isabella, Madeline, Michael, and Deacon are among the ten names. Each name offers its own individuality to the community and contributes to its charm.

Each name comes with its own set of traits and settings that will help define the village mod’s appearance and feel. As an example; Brenton is extroverted and enjoys trading items with other villages, whilst Scarlett is more reserved and likes to care to her crops. Players may construct their own unique tale in Minecraft by selecting one or more of these ten villager names for their village mod.

9Village Spawn Point

Village Spawn Point is a modification for the popular game Minecraft 1.12.2 This mod, ‘Dungeons Arise’, tries to increase the realism of your Minecraft environment by adding more densely packed villages and more realistic village dynamics. With this mod, villagers can interact with one another and respond in diverse ways.

This mod also includes a number of NPCs who may be interacted with and serve as secondary characters that assist flesh out the game’s setting. Finally, this mod contains a number of unique buildings and blocks found exclusively in villages, giving the setting a distinct feel when compared to other areas of your Minecraft world.

Overall, Village Spawn Point is an immersive enhancement to your already fantastic Minecraft 1.12.2 experience.

8Mo Villages

8Mo Villages is a fantastic village mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 produced by the 8Modding team. This mod enhances the game by including additional villages, buildings, and NPCs. 8Mo Villages also adds new crafting tables and tools to let users personalize their in-game surroundings. These features allow players to relocate their villages or build new ones for an even more immersive experience in an already fantastic sandbox game.

You may also use these tools to design your own town population and change the layout anytime you like. 8Mo Villages is an awesome mod for anyone wishing to spice up their game with a little spice and realism.


7TekTopia Crayfishs Gun Mod is a Minecraft 1.12.2 town mod made by 7tek. It adds a vast range of buildings to the game, such as villages, structures, and objects inspired by previous modifications like Crayfishs Gun Mod.Biomes O’ Plenty and Natura.

7TekTopia also introduces additional blocks and things, such as:

  • Custom villages
  • Custom trades
  • Custom blocks and goods with various qualities
  • Dungeons with boss battles
  • Powerstones with simple crafting methods
  • And much more.

It also has a completely configurable world generating mechanism that enables users to create their own Iron Farm Block villages using an elaborate configuration file. The mod is intended to operate in both singleplayer and online environments. In addition to creating your own Iron Farm Block villages, you may use one of the numerous pre-built templates available in the mod’s folder to add pre-made villages.

7TekTopia is a unique approach on constructing villages inside Minecraft that gives users with limitless hours of entertainment while exploring the possibilities it brings.

6Minecraft Comes Alive

Minecraft Comes Alive Lost Cities is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that adds a range of NPCs to your game; anything from blacksmiths, farmers, guards and merchants. This mod is intended to provide life to the Lost Cities by adding NPCs that perform chores, exchange commodities, and do other things.

The Minecraft Comes Alive mod also includes various interactive elements such as marriage, careers, conversation choices, With 10comforts 9inventory hud and more, you can fully immerse yourself in the Minecraft game environment. This mod is suitable for all types of players, whether they are playing in survival or creative mode.

With these NPCs come a slew of new trades and possibilities for players to take advantage of as they explore the endlessly intriguing world of Minecraft 1.12.2.

5Recurrent Complex

Recurrent Complex is a Minecraft settlement mod. It was intended to be the ideal blend of a tiny community, rural landscape, and contemporary infrastructure. This mod provides custom buildings for gamers who want to build a bespoke town that is both visually beautiful and practical.

The constructions vary from enormous mansions to modest sheds and barns, each with its own distinct aesthetic charm. Furthermore, there are other structure alternatives, making Recurrent Complex a very flexible mod. There are also different non-player characters (NPCs) living throughout the town, giving it even more life. You may really build your own perfect tiny hamlet in your Minecraft world with this mod.


4EasierVillagerTrading is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that provides an in-game interface for exchanging things with villagers to make trade with them simpler. Players may tailor their transactions by selecting particular products from a list, determining how many of each item they want to acquire and exchange, setting their own pricing, and more.

The 4EasierVillagerTrading mod also allows users to easily manage all of their trades; as well as customize interactions with villagers This patch drastically streamlines the process of dealing with villagers in the Hexed Kingdom, making it simple and efficient for anyone looking to maximize their villager trade experience through Portal Spread, such as giving them presents or playing minigames like Roguelike Dungeons, all while using Civilian Vehicles.


3Millenaire is a Minecraft 1.12.2 village mod that adds a slew of new villages and NPCs to the game. The mod includes 20 distinct villages, each with its own set of quests, equipment, enemies, and other features. Players may just explore the villages or help them expand by guarding them from enemy groups and accomplishing different activities such as farming, mining, resource collection, and trade with residents.

3Millenaire The mod ‘nails 3bed benefits’ also includes a plethora of custom blocks, objects, and buildables from the Villager Collection that may be used to craft different tools and weapons as well as to construct unique constructions in-game. This mod fully utilizes Minecraft’s creative mode, allowing players to create their own storylines while still staying true to the core concepts of the original game.


Regrowth is a very popular Minecraft 1.12.2 mod. This patch adds a whole new biome to the game, the Regrowth biome, which is teeming with exotic vegetation and creatures. It also introduces a few new monsters, such as the Lumberjack Wolf, a behemoth that can swiftly cut down trees and collect their wood, and the Mutating Cow, a cow that may spawn with specific characteristics such as swiftness or fire resistance.

The mod also adds new blocks to your environment, such as Regiation diorite and moss stone, that you may use to build constructions. Overall, Regrowth is an excellent mod for those wishing to spice up their Minecraft experience.


Quest Repoured is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that adds NPC people to the game, introducing a new level of complexity and strategy. Players must develop and manage a colony of NPC inhabitants, assigning them jobs and responsibilities to keep the Quest Repoured colony functioning smoothly.

Players will be able to personalize the appearance of their colony by assigning numerous sorts of blocks, as well as their residents’ equipment, weapons, and armor. The ‘Update Backport’ mod is intended to besimple to use and install, but it has a lot of depth for those who want to go further.

MineColonies is one of the top ten greatest Minecraft 1.12.2 town modifications, providing an excellent experience for gamers searching for something new and different to enjoy in the famous sandbox game.

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