If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Exotic Birds Mod. This mod adds a whole new level of realism to the game, with a wide variety of new and unique birds to discover.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install the Exotic Birds Mod for Minecraft. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get the most out of this mod. So if you’re ready to add some new feat

Birds & Their Locations

Players in the Minecraft Exotic Birds Mod may interact with a range of unusual birds that are based after real-world examples. These birds have bright colors, realistic patterns, and lovely textures. Each bird in the mod has its own randomly generated place where it may be located. This guide will help players recognize various sorts of birds and understand where they might find them in the game.

Parrots, for example, are often found near jungles, while owls are generally found in woods. The Minecraft Exotic Bird Mod also includes a variety of hues for each species of bird, ranging from brilliant yellow and flaming red to dark gray and indigo blue, providing players with even more options while exploring the world of Minecraft. Furthermore, numerous exotic bird species, such as hummingbirds and toucans, make uncommon appearances on Minecraft’s terrain;. However, with the help of this book, gamers will have all the knowledge they need to track down these amazing animals.


In the Minecraft Exotic Birds Mod Eggs are a sort of resource block that can be found in clusters of nests. Crafting the Decobench players can pick up eggs, which come in a range of hues and have a unique design on their outer shell. When a player approaches an egg, a chirp sound will indicate that it is ready to be gathered. Certain eggs have special qualities that can provide the player with benefits such as improved speed or health regeneration.

Eggs may be used to make unusual bird cages, bird feeders, and even formidable weapons using feathers from slaughtered birds. When eggs are put on pressure plates or set on fire, they lay down young birds instead of hatching like most other mob eggs. The freshly born birds will follow their parent until the player kills or releases them. Players may also paint eggs with dyes discovered around the environment to modify their color, which may improve their look in particular builds or make identifying certain sorts of eggs simpler.

Bird Cages

Bird cages are an essential component of the Dragon Exotic Birds Mod, which can be found in the world of Minecraft. Bird cages are made of feathers, sticks, and twine. Once the cage is built and put in the game environment, players may use seeds or fruit to entice wild exotic birds.

The caged birds may then be liberated by smashing it or feeding them redstone. This allows players to acquire access to a range of diverse species that are normally unavailable via natural spawning on the game world’s surface. Bird cages are a simple yet efficient technique for gamers to catch wild exotic birds, allowing them to interact with species they may not otherwise encounter in their gaming experience.


The Phoenix is a special version of Minecraft’s Exotic Birds mod. It adds a new species of bird, the fabled Phoenix, to your environment and is available for both Java and Bedrock Windows 10 and mobile versions of the game. This legendary creature features bright red wings with yellow tips, as well as a white plume on its head. Its feathers may be utilized as armor, and its sparkling beak can be used to smash through blocks in search of crystals hiding inside. It also chirps melodies that will soothe any adventurer’s ears.

You’ll never have to go on an excursion alone again with this hack. Simply search “Exotic Birds” in the Microsoft Store or visit their official website at exoticbirdsmod.org to get the Exotic Birds Minecraft mod featuring the Phoenix.

How to InstallIf you haven’t already – make sure to

The Minecraft Exotic Birds Mod is a simple technique that will allow you to experience additional avian-themed material in your game. To begin, ensure that your game is up to date. To run the mod, you must have Minecraft version 1.12 or above.

The mod may then be downloaded from its official website. The download link will provide a zip file including all of the installation files. Extract the contents of this zip file into your Minecraft folder. When finished, run your game and pick “Exotic Birds Mod” from the list of possible modifications in-game to begin playing with your new feathery buddies.