How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft: A Step-by-Step Guide. Learn the steps needed to repair your Trident so you can continue using it in your game.

How to Get a Trident

A trident is an item in Minecraft that you can make using three sticks and a diamond. This potent weapon may be employed as a melee or ranged weapon, and it packs a tremendous punch in either situation. It also features enchantments that increase its combat effectiveness.

To obtain one of these tridents, search within ocean monuments that occur at random throughout the game. The easiest method to find one is to use the game’s “locate” command, which will tell you where the closest monument is. Once you’ve located it, enter the building and hunt for the trident within (this may take some time), then grab it and return home.

You may now equip your freshly obtained trident for combat or repair it with another diamond at any crafting table.

How to Repair the Trident

Repairing the Trident in Minecraft is by no means a tough process. To fix it, just join two broken Tridents at a crafting table. This technique will absorb the durability of one of the two Tridents and build it into a single completely repaired Trident. The number of repair points utilized on each individual trident determines the precise quantity of durability depleted.

When trying to repair your Trident, you will need:

  • Two broken Tridents, which you may obtain by killing Elder Guardians in Ocean Monuments;
  • Some resources, such as an Anvil or a Crafting Table; and
  • An Enchanted Book or some Experience Points if you’re playing the Java version.

When you have collected all the necessary items, open your Crafting Table and put both damaged Tridents from Drowned inside. Hold Shift and drag one item over the other to merge them into a single restored Trident from Drowned with full durability points.

Mending Enchantment

The Mending Enchantment is an uncommon and powerful enchantment in Minecraft that enables players to use experience points to repair their weapons, tools, and armor. It may be used on everything from swords and pickaxes to boots and helmets.

To obtain this enchantment, you must enchant an item with the greatest level of enchanting level 30 at an Enchantment Table. When you employ the Mending Enchantment, every experience obtained from killing creatures or mining blocks is immediately applied to the repair of your tool or weapon. It may also be used to repair tridents.

To do so, you must already have a Trident with a durability rating of at least 2 hearts ♥ 4 points remaining. Any experience acquired after activating the Mending Enchantment on your Trident will be used to repair it until it reaches its maximum durability rating.

Repair a Trident With Commands

In Minecraft, if your trident becomes broken, you may be able to repair it using commands. This may be done without an anvil or a grindstone and simply needs access to the game’s commands. You will need your trident, one diamond per point of damage, and access to the relevant command window to repair your trident using commands.

The /fill command will be required “command. This command will accept two locations, X1 Y1 Z1 and X2 Y2 Z2, and replace any blocks between them with a block of your choosing. Diamonds in this situation. The difficult aspect is identifying the correct coordinates for this command to function effectively. To begin, equip your trident, then shift-right click on a block while still holding it. This provides you the coordinates of the last time it was damaged in relation to where you are. Enter these, along with diamond block, into the command window “to fix your trident after X2 Y2 Z2.