Making paper in Minecraft is a great way to store your extra items and keep your inventory organized. Plus, it’s really easy to do! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make paper in Minecraft.

How to Get Paper in Minecraft

Obtaining paper in Minecraft is a simple procedure that may be completed in a few stages:

  1. Gather either two Sugar Cane or three Wheat plants.
  2. Locate a Crafting Table and open it.
  3. On the crafting grid, enter either Sugar Cane or Wheat to make Paper.
  4. Remove the paper from your inventory and use it as required for any crafting recipes.

Paper is used for a multitude of functions, including writing books and creating products such as maps and pyrotechnics. You may now obtain these objects without having to go out looking for them if you have paper with you. Paper made from Sugar Cane or Wheat involves little work but may make all the difference when crafting with some of these more challenging materials.

Chest Loot

Chest Loot is one of the few ways to gain paper in Minecraft. This procedure entails opening a chest in the hopes of finding paper. Villages, temples, and fortresses are some of the most popular locations for chests. Loot discovered in these chests often contains bookshelves, ender pearls or eyes, boat parcels, charmed armor or equipment, and 0-3 pieces of paper, depending on luck.

When compared to other means of getting paper, this approach is rather untrustworthy. Regardless, it is still a viable method of getting paper with minimum human effort. However, keep in mind that if you come across any chests that have previously been opened by another user, you will not be able to get any goods from them, so always check for chests before looting them.


Crafting is a fundamental component of the popular Minecraft crafting game. In Minecraft, players must open their crafting table, choose objects from their inventory, and place them in the grid to make the item they want to craft. Once a collection of items has been appropriately arranged in the grid, the game will create the object. Distinct things need different combinations of grid components organized in certain ways.

Crafting is an essential ability for every Minecraft player since it lets them to produce strong weapons and armor, furniture and equipment, utilize dyes to generate colorful things, and even make paper. Crafting may be done for free and without the need of rare or costly resources by mixing basic components like as wood, cobblestone, and wool.


Villagers are little NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in the popular block building game Minecraft who may sell stuff for emeralds. To make paper in Minecraft, you must be near either a furnace or a villager. Villagers may be found in the majority of villages, which appear at random throughout the game.

When you encounter a villager, gather at least three pieces of sugar cane and swap it for paper with him. Return to your crafting table after acquiring paper from the villager and use it to make a Book& Quill. This tool is used to create in-game books, which may subsequently be filled with text or graphics and saved in item frames or chests. With paper and a book& quill, you’ll be able to make one of Minecraft’s most significant items: books.

Uses for Paper in Minecraft

In Minecraft, paper may be used for crafting, storage, and decorating. Maps, books and quills, bookshelves, and magical books may all be made from paper.

Making paper is quite simple; it needs sugar cane, which grows near water sources. After collecting the sugar cane, it must be placed in the crafting table to make three sheets of paper. The paper may then be made into a number of helpful goods, such as the aforementioned maps, books, and quills for writing down information or enchanting books that improve the strength of certain instruments or weapons.

Paper can also be used for decoration in Minecraft; it can be used to make banners with personalized designs as well as color-coordinated wallpapers for player houses.

Paper Item IDs & Data Values

Paper is a valuable resource in Minecraft that may be used in a number of ways. It may be used to make books, maps, and a variety of weapons and equipment.

Three pieces of sugar cane are required to manufacture paper in Minecraft. The usage of an item ID and data value, which are used to identify specific things in the game, is required while crafting paper. Paper has the item ID 339 and the data value 0. This information may also be found in your game by hitting ‘F3’ and entering ‘/give[playername] 339’ into the console.

You may construct up to three sheets of paper at a time using three pieces of sugar cane after you’ve put these criteria into your recipe book.

Java Edition

Minecraft’s Java Edition is the initial version of the game, built by Mojang particularly for desktop computers. It is the most complex version, allowing players to construct everything they can dream, from vast cities to modest cottages. It also enables users to trade things with one another, which is a feature not seen in any previous version of Minecraft.

To produce paper in Minecraft Java Edition, players must first gather the following materials: sugar cane, a crafting table, and thread. Once all resources have been obtained, the player must set their crafting table on the ground. Then they must right-click on the crafting table with their mouse to open it. When this occurs, four vacant squares emerge on which things may be put by using their mouse pointer.

When all four sugar cane slots are filled, paper will appear in the result box at the bottom of the crafting menu.

This is how players in Minecraft Java Edition may produce paper:

  • Gather the necessary materials: sugar cane, a crafting table, and thread.
  • Set the crafting table on the ground.
  • Right-click on the crafting table with your mouse to open it.
  • Fill the four sugar cane slots.
  • Paper will appear in the result box at the bottom of the crafting menu.

Bedrock Edition

Shaders are installed differently in Bedrock Edition than in previous versions of Minecraft. The following are the actions you should take:

  1. First, ensure that you have the correct version of Minecraft loaded on your device, since this will impact how Shaders work. If you’re using the Bedrock Edition on iOS or Android, for example, you’ll need to build a separate world and then install the appropriate version of Optifine before you can install any Shaders.
  2. After that, open your device’s game store, whether it’s the App Store or the Play Store, and search for ‘Shaders for Bedrock‘ followed by your device’s name. This will provide a list of available Shader Packs for download. Choose the Pack that best meets your requirements and save it to your device.
  3. After downloading, launch Minecraft and load the freshly generated world from Step 1;, then go to Settings > Video Settings > Shader Packs >. Activate the newly downloaded shader pack by hitting the Install/Enable button next to it. Congratulations. Shaders have now been successfully installed in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.