Looking to make a potion of slow falling? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to Make a Potion of Slow Falling

Making a potion of slow falling is quite straightforward, however it may take some time depending on your brewing pace. The first and most critical stage is to gather all of the required components, which include diamond dust, fireblossom pollen, orange peels, and white mushrooms.

  1. Begin crushing the ingredients in a mortar and pestle until they form a paste-like consistency.
  2. After that, add half an ounce of diamond dust and whisk it all together.
  3. Then, add a teaspoon of fireblossom pollen to the mixture and stir until it has the viscosity of thick syrup.
  4. Pour this liquid into a glass container and fix the top with wax.
  5. Finally, to your potion, add two orange peels and one white mushroom.
  6. Allow the bottle to lie in direct sunlight for twelve hours before using or keeping for later use.

Your potion of slow falling is now complete.

Step 1: Craft a Brewing Stand

To begin producing a Potion of Slow Falling, construct a Brewing Stand out of three Cobblestone blocks, one Blaze Rod, and some Glowstone Dust. You may make up to three Potions at once using the Brewing Stand. Place the Cobblestone blocks in a T-shaped configuration while creating the Brewing Stand, with the Blaze Rod in the center and the Glowstone Dust filling in the middle area. After you’ve finished making your Brewing Stand, lay it on top of any non-flammable surface to get it ready for brewing.

You must also have enough glass bottles to manufacture your potions; one glass bottle per potion.

Step 2: Craft Awkward Potions

The second step in creating a Potion of Slow Falling is to create uncomfortable potions. You’ll need Blaze Powder and an Awkward Ingredient to make them. Depending on your demands, the Awkward Ingredient may be water, fermented spider eye, magma cream, or ghast tear.

Place all of the necessary ingredients in the brewing stand after you’ve gathered them. Then, insert a glass bottle into the stand and wait until the potion has completed brewing and you have your uncomfortable potion in hand. This will serve as the foundation potion for the remaining phases in making the Potion of Slow Falling.

Step 3: Craft the Potions of Slow Falling

The third step in making a potion of slow falling is to harvest the plants required for the recipe. There are several ways to farm pumpkins and other plants, but one of the most efficient is an alternative pumpkin farm layout. This plan is constructed out of an 8×8 platform built of wood, stone, or soil blocks, with two horizontal strata two blocks high. This configuration enables users to plant and harvest crops more efficiently, while also preventing enemies from appearing in your farm and minimizing fall damage.

This farm plan works exceptionally well when paired with additional processes like utilizing ender lilies or bonemeal to accelerate crop development, harvesting pumpkins at their golden stage for maximum experience points, and automating harvesting using redstone driven hopper systems.

Extending the Potion Duration

There are various measures you may take to assure success if you wish to lengthen the duration of a Slow Falling potion or any other form of potion. To begin, choose components that are recognized for lasting longer when brewed. Redstone dust, Glowstone dust, fermented spider eyes, and ghast tears are among the components.

After you’ve gathered all of your preferred components, pour them onto a brewing stand and press the “Brew” button. If everything is done successfully, a green glass bottle with your potion inside should appear in the left-hand slot. Add a redstone dust or glowstone dust right into the bottle with the already-brewed potion by choosing “Modify Potion” and inserting it in the bottom slot next to your glass bottle to increase the time even more. Finally, exit the program and wait for your longer-lasting potion to complete brewing.

A Slow Falling potion with a prolonged duration may be particularly useful in traversing locations where fall damage may occur. You’ll be able to traverse unsafe locations with ease with this strategy.

Turning it into a Splash Potion

You must add gunpowder to a Potion of Slow Falling to transform it into a Splash potion. When tossed, this causes the potion to form a tiny cloud, enabling it to distribute its effects across a larger region rather than just to one thing.

To begin, hold the Potion of Slow Falling in your hand and place gunpowder in the bar area on your inventory screen. After that, hover over the potion and press ‘Shift’ while picking the gunpowder with your left mouse button. This will combine the two items, resulting in a new item in your inventory called a Splash Potion of Slow Falling.