Looking to add some turtles to your Minecraft menagerie? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to hatch, tame, and breed turtles in Minecraft.

What do Turtles Drop

Turtles are a passive mob found in Minecraft’s Overworld. They are readily distinguished by their green shells, which they use to shield themselves from predators. Turtles will not attack players until provoked, but they will fight back if assaulted.

Turtles who are killed may lay an egg or sea pickles. The sea pickles may be used to make brews and crafts, while the eggs can be utilized to hatch a new turtle. Turtle eggs hatch in about twenty minutes and need a block of sand below them to do so. If the player is holding sea pickles when it hatches, the young turtle will follow them.

Turtles may also mate with other turtles if they are given two distinct pieces of sea grass; this causes them to lay an egg, which must then be put on sandblocks to hatch. This approach produces baby turtles with different genders than their parents and any existing siblings.

How to Breed Turtles

Turtle breeding is a crucial function in Minecraft since it enables players to quickly produce and collect vast amounts of turtle eggs. To breed turtles, you’ll need two adults of the same species within a 10-block radius. They will mate and deposit eggs once they are near enough to one other. Baby turtles are distinguished by their light gray shell coloring.

Baby turtles need time to develop before reaching mature size, which may take up to 20 minutes. During this period, you must ensure that the baby turtles are not harmed by predators such as zombies and witches. As a result, it’s better to:

  • Keep them in a confined place
  • Construct a fence around them to protect them from aggressive mobs.

If put within a 10-block radius of another adult turtle, the young turtles will transform into adults and be ready for breeding within 20 minutes.

How to Get Scute

Scute is an uncommon commodity in Minecraft that is needed to make Turtle Shells. It can only be obtained via hatching a baby turtle. To hatch a baby turtle, you must first locate Seagrass in an Ocean Biome. When you find the Seagrass, you must plant it in the ecosystem with up to four Scutes around. Some of the Seagrass will hatch into eggs after a few minutes. The eggs may then be scooped up and transferred back home for incubation.

Once you’ve collected your eggs, you’ll need to locate somewhere warm to utilize as an incubator; this may be anything from a locked chest to an animal cage or even lava. Then, set your eggs on the heated surface and wait for them to hatch. When they hatch, the tiny turtles will emerge, dropping scute along the way, which you can use to make Turtle Shells. Finally, depending on the varieties, you may tame these turtles with wheat seeds and breed them with sea cucumbers.

How to Tame Turtles

Taming turtles in Minecraft is simple, but there are a few stages involved. The first step is to locate a free-roaming turtle. This may be accomplished by looking around ponds, rivers, and beaches.

Once you’ve located the wild turtle, you’ll need to feed it in order for it to become friends with you. Throw fried fish or carrots at the turtle to do this. After a while, the turtle will begin to follow you and will finally become tame. 🐢

Turtles, once tamed, may be ridden and utilized as a pet in a variety of ways, including:

  • Mining minerals
  • Aiding in battle with hostile monsters

Turtles may also mate with each other if given adequate room and resources. This is useful for farming, collecting additional turtles for taming, or just extending your pet collection.

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