Looking for some great dungeon mods to add to your Minecraft 1.12.2 game? Check out our top 10 picks!

10Mowzies Mobs

Mowzies Mobs is a top 10 modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2 provided by CurseForge that introduces a slew of new mobs, objects, and blocks to the game. Glowstone golems, mud crabs, and ender slugs are among the mobs included in the 10Mowzies Mobs modpack. It also introduces a slew of new objects and blocks to construct in-game, including new armor, weapons, tools, and even special food items.

The 10Mowzies Mobs modpack strives to provide players an interesting and immersive experience by adding additional material to the game while remaining faithful to what makes Minecraft wonderful. You’ll be able to explore new dungeons with distinct mobs and landscapes if you have 10Mowzies Mobs loaded on your server.

9Doomlike Dungeons

Doomlike Dungeons is one of the top ten finest Minecraft 1.12.2 dungeon mods. It adds a variety of dungeons to your game that are produced at random. The dungeons are masterfully created and have a retro-style layout that makes exploring and battling through them an unforgettable experience. It has an open architecture that enables you to view the whole dungeon at once, making planning your next move simpler.

Doomlike Dungeons offers a diverse set of creatures, traps, and prizes, making it one of the most intriguing dungeon mods available. It’s no surprise that this mod has proven so popular with Minecraft gamers searching for hours of dungeon crawling enjoyment, thanks to its unique level design and range of difficulties.

8Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that generates dungeons for users to explore and conquer. From secret areas and riches to formidable monsters and adversaries, these dungeons are full of surprises.

Roguelike Dungeons presents a fresh challenge with its randomized layouts, mobs, and bosses. Players may select the sorts of creatures they encounter as they fight through these randomly generated dungeons, gaining prizes such as unusual treasure or uncommon items to use in their world. Roguelike Dungeons also has an advancement system that enables players to gain new powers or weapons as they move through the dungeon.

Overall, Roguelike Dungeons is a fantastic mod for anybody wishing to breathe new life into their Minecraft world.

7Castle Dungeons

7Castle Dungeons is an awesome mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that adds additional subterranean destinations for players to explore and treasure. Players may wander the corridors of abandoned castles, construct their own dungeons for other players to combat and explore, and uncover hundreds of new dungeons hidden across the globe by downloading 7Castle Dungeons.

7Castle Dungeons is extremely configurable, enabling users to add new biomes and features to existing dungeons as well as alter or construct their own. With hundreds of things and blocks to create, opponents to combat, riches and secrets to uncover, 7Castle Dungeons will keep you entertained and challenged for hours.

7Castle Dungeons is likely to fulfill your innermost needs, whether you prefer a typical minecrafting experience or something more daring.

6Dungeons Mod

6Dungeons is a popular Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that adds a new level of intricacy and difficulty to the game. The patch introduces six new sorts of dungeons, each with its own set of enemies and rewards. It also includes new weapons, armor sets, creatures, biomes, constructions, and other features. Players may explore the depths under their globe and go on numerous adventures with 6Dungeons Mod.

Loot may be obtained by mission rewards, defeating creatures within dungeons, or uncovering secret chests lying under the surface of their environment. Players must also be mindful of formidable monsters at the conclusion of each dungeon, each with their own unique skills and rewards upon defeat. This mod also includes a variety of mini-bosses that spawn throughout dungeons and present new challenges for gamers who wish to put their talents to the test against more fearsome adversaries.

5Chocolate Quest Repoured

Repoured Chocolate Quest CQR is a popular Minecraft 1.12.2 dungeon mod. It was created with hardcore gamers in mind, containing demanding puzzles and special monsters to combat against. CQR provides a plethora of dungeons and monsters to explore, as well as a plethora of riches to discover.

The mod is updated on a regular basis to provide new features, however many of its original features have remained intact since its first release in 2017. The patch includes many randomly generated dungeon levels that may be explored alone or with other adventurers in Multiplayer mode. CQR also has its own unique NPCs with fascinating conversation choices and prizes when dealt with, as well as its own custom creatures like the Fire Elemental and Miner Zombie.

CQR distinguishes itself from other Minecraft mods with its unique mechanics and level design, giving it a worthy experience for those searching for a little more difficulty in their gaming sessions.

4Wesleys Roguelike Dungeons

Weasley’s Roguelike Dungeons is a Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that offers a dungeon-crawling experience that is both varied and entertaining. It takes influence from classic roguelikes like Angband and Nethack to produce a one-of-a-kind gaming experience focused on demanding exploration, complicated riddles, and intense combat encounters.

Weasley’s Roguelike Dungeons, as the name suggests, includes randomly generated dungeon layouts that differ every time you play. This offers variety to the dungeons and pushes players to think strategically and make advantage of their surroundings. The mod, which focuses on non-linear growth, has a plethora of side missions and secret regions that reward exploration with strong goods or unique prizes.

Weasley’s Roguelike Dungeon, with its randomly generated levels, provides a highly replayable challenge for seasoned dungeon crawlers as well as newbies seeking for something different in their Minecraft experience.

3Caves And Dungeons

Caves And Dungeons is one of the top Minecraft 1.12.2 dungeon mods. It introduces new dungeons and cave kinds, as well as new goods and blocks to construct and discover. The patch also introduces new mobs to the caverns and dungeons, making exploring more interesting.

Caves And Dungeons is unique in that it enables users to personalize their experience by creating pre-generated or custom dungeons with varying degrees of difficulty and choose which creatures will inhabit the area. Furthermore, the mod provides multiple lighting choices or no illumination in each dungeon for a unique subterranean experience.

Caves And Dungeons is an excellent mod for anybody wishing to spice up their Minecraft 1.12.2 experience.

2Nether Dungeons

Nether Dungeons are among the most interesting and mysterious locations to visit in Minecraft 1.12.2. These dungeons, located deep below the Nether, are full of mysteries and riddles to solve as you go through them. They include monsters and treasure chests, as well as one-of-a-kind things such as magical books, orb-shaped blocks that transfer you to other worlds, hidden tunnels teeming with hostile mobs and riches, and much more.

If you finish Nether Dungeons successfully, you will be rewarded with powerful items at the Spawn Point that will aid you on your trip through Minecraft. Many Nether Dungeons are difficult to traverse, so it’s crucial to be patient and come prepared – make sure you know how to combat creatures. and solve riddles.

1Hardcore Battle Towers

Hardcore Battle Towers is one of the top ten finest Minecraft 1.12.2 dungeon mods. It is a mod with a distinct twist in that it adds a degree of difficulty to the standard game. To advance through the stages, players must construct towers that are protected by monsters and traps. With each successive tower, the difficulty level rises and the rewards improve, making this mod an excellent alternative for those looking for an extra challenge in their game.

You may explore dungeons loaded with creatures, traps, and difficult puzzles in Hardcore Battle Towers. Whether or not you succeed in overcoming these hurdles will eventually decide whether or not you gain important gifts at the conclusion of each tower. It is ultimately up to you to choose the height of your structures.

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