Looking for some great structure mods to help spruce up your Minecraft world? Check out our top 10 picks for the best mods to help you build amazing structures in Minecraft 1.12.2!

10Additional Structures

10Additional Structures is the ideal mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 users wishing to liven up and decorate your environment. This patch adds ten additional structures to the game, allowing players the option of minor structures such as bridges and cottages or major structures such as mansions and castles.

Everything from islands to bunkers has been thoughtfully designed so that gamers may personalize their environment to their liking. This mod also includes a wide range of construction materials that players may utilize to make any structure, allowing them complete control over its form and style. Furthermore, some of the additional structures have unique dynamics or riddles linked with them, providing a novel method to play long after the first construction is finished.

9Recurrent Complex

9Recurrent Complex is a Minecraft structure mod developed by MeeThy. It is one of the most comprehensive structure modifications available, and it adds randomly generated structures around your environment. Each building has its own personality and contributes a lot to the game. These structures may be found almost everywhere, from towns to cities to abandoned fortifications deep in the desert or bush.

The mod also offers some incredible features such as:

  • Comprehensive adjustable settings
  • Bespoke recipes for manufacturing materials
  • Unusual treasure to find
  • Changeable ore distribution
  • and more.

9Recurrent Complex also includes unique blocks that perform functions such as redstone devices, play harps with music discs, special machinery that may automate different chores such as farming or mining, and much more.


Shipwrecks is an original Minecraft 1.12.2 mod that adds a variety of shipwrecks to the game environment. Shipwrecks allows users to discover intriguing abandoned ships in the midst of their ocean environment, as well as anything that may still be onboard.

Scavenge through these ships to unearth riches and relics, interact with villagers and pirates, equip new weapons or equipment, make new things, and enhance old ones. Shipwrecks also offers a unique approach for users to explore and interact with their Minecraft environment – it’s likely to give hours of entertainment and discovery.

7Spawn Temple

7Spawn Temple is a building mod for Minecraft, a popular sandbox game. This mod adds a complex temple loaded with riddles and traps to the environment. The temple is a four-story building encircled by lava on the exterior walls and two spiral staircases that converge at the temple’s peak. There are multiple puzzle areas within, each with its own distinct difficulty. Players must solve all of these riddles in order to gain access to the chamber at the very top of the construction, which includes several prizes and awards.

7Spawn Temple also has a special survival mode where players may put their talents to the test on a more harder level. Overall, 7Spawn Temple is an excellent mod for anybody seeking a challenge or just having fun in their Minecraft environments.

6Medieval Craft

Medieval Craft is a Minecraft mod that adds greater realism and depth to medieval and fantasy environments. Its key selling point is its automatic construction method for castles, towns, farms, and even large cities. This mod adds additional building components such as brick walls, stone arcades, brick archways, stained glass windows, and more. Players may construct amazing medieval structures using these various components.

Aside with automation, ornamental blocks for extra detail include unique bookcases, fireplaces, windowsills, and much more. Overall, Medieval Craft offers a tremendous amount of richness and complexity to any environment seeking the taste of a traditional fantasy or medieval setting.


Ruins is an excellent mod for individuals who like building and the fascinating ruins that come with it. This mod adds a slew of additional structures to your environment, ranging from towns, castles, and keeps to random ruins dispersed over the landscape. The structures vary widely in size and intricacy, so whether you want a vast sweeping castle or something more modest but still very detailed, you may find it here.

You may also choose from a selection of textures to ensure that your structures blend in with the landscape you’re creating. With Ruins, you can create the ideal ruin-filled environment and take your Minecraft game to the next level.

4Chocolate Quest 2 Repoured

Chocolate Quest 2 Repoured Spawn Point is a famous Minecraft mod that lets users to simply design their own dungeons and structures inside the game. This mod, a follow-up to Chocolate Quest, includes a Spawn Point.slew of new objects, blocks, resources, and opponents.

This mod now allows players to build their own own structures such as castles, fortresses, schools, temples, and much more. These new structures may be personalized with various textures and styles. Because of the flexibility of Chocolate Quest 2 Repoured, players may design bespoke dungeons that are as unique as they are challenging to overcome.

As one of the most popular construction modifications available, this is a must-have tool for anybody wishing to spice up their Minecraft environment.

3Loot Games

3Loot Games is a Danish video game development firm situated in Copenhagen. Rasmus Wichmann and Max Luland founded the company in 2017 with the goal of creating high-quality games with an emphasis on enjoyable playability, deep story-telling, and distinctive graphic styles. Valheim, Reactor Zero, and The Sorely Man Trilogy are among their most popular titles. They feel that the finest games are ones that test the player’s abilities and reward strategic decision making over tactical trial and error.

Their talent in game design and production has resulted to significant economic success over the years, with millions of gamers enjoying their products and several accolades. With intriguing new projects in the works, they are always pushing themselves to produce more exhilarating experiences for gamers all around the globe.

2Cave Expansion

Cave Expansion is a Minecraft mod that expands your world with additional caverns and structures. These caverns include a range of settings, including snow, ice, desert, jungle, and others. The mod also allows you to further personalize your caverns by adding lamps, ores, and other items.

This addition also includes new blocks for building tunnels connecting your caverns, allowing you to explore them all at once. You can even create specific mushroom biomes underground with 2Cave Expansion for even more exploring choices. With its highly adjustable surroundings and captivating appearance, 2Cave Expansion is an excellent method to add depth and character to your world.

1Soaring Structures

Soaring Structures is a Minecraft mod that enables users to easily construct sophisticated and realistic structures. It is one of the most popular building modifications, featuring over 100 pre-made, configurable structures that can be put in a game area. Players may choose from a broad range of architectural styles, ranging from Mayan-inspired temples to large Victorian houses.

This mod provides one of the most comprehensive construction options, allowing players to build anything from little dwellings to towering castles. Soaring Structures also has creative functions like terraforming hills and mountains, exporting models for 3D printing, and building subterranean dungeons. This mod allows users to build their own incredible structures in Minecraft 1.12.2.

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